A survey carried out by Car Parts Direct revealed that over 268,000 drivers were banned from driving and millions of pounds are being paid out in speeding fines. Thousands of motorists are losing their jobs, freedom and ability to earn a living. 82% of speed camera victims thought they were driving safely at the time of their conviction and were just unfortunate to be doing a few miles over the limit. 65% thought their speeding ticket was totally unjustified and felt cheated.

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“Speed cameras have made the police the enemy of the motorist, even if we have nothing to do with them. They are seen as the police making money.”

Un-named police officer writing in POLICE [pdf 463k]
(The newspaper of the Police Federation) March 2004

ABD Press Releases about Speed Cameras

"Electronic speed cameras are hiding behind a guise of pedestrian safety to raise money, and are planned for motorways where there are no pedestrians. The Government is blatantly dishonest"
Professor Garel Rhys, Head of Automotive Economics at Cardiff Business School, and Parliamentary Adviser on Trade and Industry;
commenting on Tony Blair's anti-car policies. 2000

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