As part of their general propaganda against cars, Britain's anti-car cartel loves to invent some silly contrived argument that cars are 'bad for your health'.

It is of course necessary to bear in mind that in our unscientific paranoid society, some hysterical fool has at one time or another claimed just about everything is bad for your health.
Greens love to paint a rosy picture of the past but neglect to mention one or two key facts:
It has been estimated that at the end of the 19th century, as many people died as a result of disease caused by "emissions" from horse-drawn transport, as are killed today in road accidents.
When canals were Britain's main transport system, far more people died from drowning than happens today.

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Transport & Health in London
A report for the NHS Executive London, which shows that pollution
from traffic is not the issue the government make it out to be.