On Friday 25th May 2007, the government announced that a congestion charge was to be foisted upon Manchester.
After extensive campaigning by MART (Manchester Against Road Tolls) — a group formed by the ABD in association with other concerned parties, the proposal was rejected by the people of Manchester in a referendum in December 2008.

Read the Press Releases that the ABD released on the Manchester Congestion Charge:
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Below you can read more from the time about how the government and some local politicians tried to foist this odious scheme on the people of Manchester against their wishes.

Regent Road Corridor

A56 Corridor

Would that be C for Centre or C for Charge?

Soon to be the only free way into Manchester?
Greater Manchester was one of nine areas being targetted by the government for so called road pricing 'trials'. The government claim that local authorities are free to decide for themselves if they want to introduce road pricing. Except the local authorities can only have a share of a £1.4 billion government 'transport fund' if they do.
In business, such practice is commonly refered to as a bribe.
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What's The Plan?
It's a matter of debate whether this is a plan at all, 'farce' would be a better word.
Anyway, that aside, the plan is for all major routes into Manchester to be tolled using what they describe as a "corridor" system.
The proposed corridors are: It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realise that to make that work, they are going to have to close off all other possible routes into said centres, and all side roads that might be used to get around tolling points, both of which will of course make congestion far far worse.
That's only the start of it — amongst other things, the 'transport fund' will be used to create more bus lanes, which will of course make congestion worse still.
All this worse congestion will provide a neat little excuse for increasing the congestion charge over and above anything they may initially promise.


Opposition Back Out
Plans are currently in turmoil after the three non-Labour controlled councils in Greater Manchester withdrew support for the scheme complaining that Labour were keeping them in the dark about the toll charges. Rochdale, Stockport, and Trafford councils all backed out of the scheme at a GMPTA meeting after Labour continued to refuse to reveal details.
Unfortunately this does not mean the battle is over as there is nothing to stop the three councils getting back on board at some date in the future. Claims were made that Labour were deliberately hiding the facts because of the forthcoming local elections.
You have a vote on the third of May — use it wisely.
“If Manchester council wants to go ahead with its own zoned charging scheme, that's a matter for them. But I don't see why the rest of us should have some half-baked scheme foisted upon us”
Mark Hunter, Lib Dem MP for Cheadle

Where Do Your MP and Councillor Stand?
If your local MP or councillor is not listed below, write to them and ask them if they support congestion charging, and let our Manchester Local Co-ordinator know what they say.
MPs/Councillors: Save your constituents the effort, and save yourself lots of letter writing, by telling us yourself.
Congestion Charging
Congestion Charging
Refusing To Say /
Prevaricating /
Can't be trusted
Yes, we know Alan Taylor is in both the "For" and "Against" columns, that's because he can't decide which side is likely to win, right and wrong have nothing to do with it…

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