This is a list of official documents written by the ABD. It includes responses to Government policy proposals, consultation exercises, and road schemes; as well as unsolicited documents submitted by the ABD.

Document are listed in reverse chronological order.

2013-03 The Strategic Road Network
Response to DfT Consultation: The Strategic Road Network and the Delivery of Sustainable Development.
2013-01 Speed limits for HGVs >7.5t on single carriageway roads
Response to DfT Consultation: Examining the Speed Limit for HGVs over 7.5 tonnes on Single Carriageway Roads.
2013-01-04 Dartford Crossing Freeflow Consultation [pdf] Response to Consultation on Free-Flow Charging Options at the Dartford Crossing.
2012-12-29 Thames Crossings Consultation [pdf]
Response to Consultation on the Options for New River Crossings in East and South East London.
2012-10-04 Revised Speed Limit Setting Circular
Response to DfT Consultation on Revised Speed Limit Setting Circular.
2012-08-12 Penalties for Careless Driving
Response to DfT Consultation on Penalties for Careless Driving and Other Motoring Offences.
2010-09-15 Evidence to the Transport Committee`s Inquiry into Drink & Drug Driving Law
Evidence submitted to the House of Commons Transport Committee inquiry into Drink and Drug Driving Law, 2010.
2010-06-19 North Review
Response to the North Review of Drink and Drug Driving Law, 2010.
2009-08-21 Taxes and Charges on Road Users
Our evidence to Parliament's Transport Committee Inquiry, 2008.
2009-08-21 Delivering a Sustainable Transport System
Our response to the DfT Consultation, 2009.
2009-04-28 Learning to Drive
Our response to the DSA Consultation on Learning to Drive, 2008.
2008-11-01 Evidence to the Transport Committee's New Inquiry into Road Safety
Evidence submitted to the House of Commons Transport Committee inquiry into road safety, 2008.
2008-10 National Transport Conference speech
Transcript of a speech given by Roger Lawson of the ABD to the National Transport Conference in 2008.
2007-08-20 London Emissions related Congestion Charge Consultation [pdf 34k]
Response to TfL's proposal to vary the congestion charge according to CO2 emissions.
2006-11-29 Richmond Parking Permit Charges Consultation
Response to the London Borough of Richmond's proposal to introduce parking permit charges related to CO2 emissions.
2006-04-16 Response to Highway Code consultation 2006
Response to the DSA's consultation on the revision of the Highway Code in 2006.
2006-03-01 Release of data by DVLA
Response to the government's consultation on the release of vehicle keeper data by DVLA.
2006-02-20 Moving Glasgow Forward
Response to Glasgow City Council's consultation 2006
2005-08-30 Essex Local Transport Plan
Comments on the draft Essex Local Transport Plan 2006-2011
2005-03-23 Decriminalised Parking Enforcement Review
Our response to the review of decriminalised parking enforcement.
2005-02-14 Speed Limit Consultation
Our comprehensive response to the inane idea of using mean speeds as the basis for setting speed limits.
2004-12-05 Response to the DVLA's consultation on the charge for Credit Card payments of VED
2004-02-18 Consultation on Proposed Code of Practice: Self-Escorting of Abnormal Loads
Our brief response to this consultation.
2002-01-24 A45/A445 Ryton-on-Dunsmore junction improvement scheme
Our comments on the proposed roundabout in Warwickshire.
2001-11-06 Dartford Crossing Tolls
Our observations on the government's plans to continue the tolls.
2001 Submission for the raising of the Motorway Speed Limit
The ABD's submission to the government for the raising of the motorway speed limit.
2001-01-19 Road Maintenance
ABD response to a DETR Consultation on Road Maintenance.
1999-10 Response to the Government consultation on speed policy
The ABD's response to the Government's Speed Review consultation.
1999-04 Response to 20MPH speed limit consulation
The ABD’s response to the government consultation exercise.
1999-03-29 'Breaking the Logjam'
The ABD’s response to the government consultation exercise.
1999-01-25 Graduated Vehicle Excise Duty (VED)
No environmental justification for damaging, complex and counter-productive disruption of VED.
1999-01-15 The UK Climate Change Programme
The ABD’s response to the Government's proposals.
1999-01-13 Headline Indicators of Sustainable Development
The ABD’s response to the Government's proposals.
1998-10-02 Providing or Preventing Choice?
The ABD's response to the Government's proposals in the Transport White Paper.
1998-05-05 Combating Drink Driving: A Fairer and More Effective Solution
The ABD's response to the consultation paper on drink driving.
1998-03-24 Trunk Road Development
The Department of Transport's discussion document on trunk roads is worryingly subtitled "What Role for Trunk Roads in England?". One is tempted to say, if the DETR civil servants do not even know that, they should not be in charge of our roads. But at least it gives us the opportunity to spell it out to them.
1998-01-28 The ABD's submission to the Integrated Transport Paper discussion group prior to the issue of the White Paper
1998 The Highway Code: Proposed amendments

N.B. It should be noted that these documents are not updated to reflect any change in the official position of the ABD that may have evolved since the document was created.