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863Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics
The Hidden Truth Behind Statistics Used to Justify Speed Enforcement Priorities.
862Speed Enforcement Needs Firm Regulation
ABD calls for a firm regulatory framework for the UK speed enforcement industry.
861Cut Electric Car Subsidy and cap VED in Budget
Chancellor Should Cut Electric Car Subsidy and cap VED for ULEZ compliant vehicles in Budget.
860What Has the London Mayor Got to Hide?
In June, London Mayor Sadiq Khan opened a crucial consultation that will decide the future of transport in London.
859Diesel and Petrol Car Demonisation Scientifically Unjustifiable
Scare Stories About Emissions are a Lie
858London Mayor's Transport Strategy - A Blatant Attack on Motorists
Sadiq Kahn would not have got elected if he had come out with blatantly anti-motorist proposals
857Pavement Parking — Middle Ground Solution Needed
Total ban will create more problems than it solves.
856Car Insurance Costs Rocket
Car insurance premiums will be hit hard by a combination of government and proposed EU legislation.
855Making "Financially Influencing" the Police Legal
Update on our campaign against police waivers and speed-awareness courses.
854Drivers Must Have A Greater Say On Traffic Restrictions
Councils make little effort to publicize changes.
853Accident Management Abuses Need Curbing
ABD Calls For Regulation To Curb Financial Abuses Within The Accident Management Services Sector.
852NICE But Dim Call For 50mph Motorway Limit Angers Drivers
Reports today claiming thousands of deaths as a result of the 70mph speed limit are ignoring the facts.
851Training Road Users How to Look Properly Could Cut Road Accidents by a Quarter
How many times do you hear the phrase "sorry mate, I didn't see you" following an accident on our roads?
850JAMs Stuck in Jams
£1.3 Billion Not Enough for Roads
849Road Safety Week — Time To Stop Playing Politics With Our Roads
Brake are exploiting their 'Road Safety Week' to advocate a political modal shift agenda.
848Bristol Lollipop Patrol Money was Squandered on 20 Limits
Over-zealous expenditure on 20mph limits has made roads less safe for children.
847HS2 Billions Should Benefit The Many, Not The Few
Scrap HS2 and use the money to improve roads and existing rail services, says the ABD
846Spend 'Minority Interest' HS2 Money On Roads Majority Use

845ABD condemns BANES Council for barmy 6ft width limit
ABD condemns Bath & North East Somerset Council for an absurd 6ft width limit imposed on Lansdown Road in Bath.
844ABD Launches Campaign Against Speed Awareness Courses
AMPOW Campaign Against Misuse of Police Waivers.
843Brexit Wins by a Landslide, in ABD Poll of Members
The overwhelming majority of motorists want the UK to leave the European Union.
842Scrapping of Speed Limit Signage Regulations Will Cause Danger and Confusion
Decision to scrap the Statutory requirement for signing speed limits can only result in criminalisation of swathes of the motoring public.
841Council Transport Policy Driven by Opinion Not Evidence
Lobby group the Alliance of British Drivers (ABD) has discovered that local authorities are unable to directly compare emissions of car and bus users
840Mounting Evidence Shows Speed Cameras Provide No Net Road Safety Benefits
Mobile cameras increase Fatal and Serious Collisions (FSC) by 30%; more than cancelling out any benefits of fixed cameras
839Speed Limits Set on the Whim of Residents' Votes?
The End of Consistency and Expertise?
838Distracting Motorway LED Advertising Must Be Banned
Sandwell council have approved 24 ft high LED advertising screens aimed at drivers on the M5 and M6.
837Time to Raise Outdated Motorway Speed Limit
ABD calls for 80mph speed limit proposal to be revived.
836Stop Rogue Police Forces Bending Rules for Profit
ABD calls on Olly Martins to withdraw threats.
835Some Pavement Parking is Useful
So Don't Just Ban It All.
834Motorists Should Stand up for Their Rights
A call to arms for all drivers : Celebrating Magna Carta with a 21st century mobility charter.
833Higher Lorry Speed Limits Welcomed
ABD welcomes increases in speed limits for HGVs on single- and dual-carriageways.
832ABD Survey: Government Has Failed To End "War on Motorists"
ABD members have given thumbs down to Coalition's record on drivers.
831Moratorium on 20mph Speed Limits Demanded
No new 20mph speed limits should be allowed until a DfT study is published in 2017.
830Casualty Statistics - Not Fit For Purpose
The ABD Calls For More Openness and Detailed Analysis of Casualty Figures.
829For Whom the Road Tolls?
The issue that most concerns drivers is the introduction of widespread road tolls.
828ABD Calls on MPs to Stop Highway Robbery Proposals
From 6th January, a committee of MPs will be reviewing the Infrastructure Bill.
827Bristol Mayor Goes Ahead With 20 MPH Speed Limits Against Council Opposition
Bristol's independent mayor George Ferguson has vowed to press on with his plans for city-wide signed-only 20 mph speed limits despite councillors voting for it to be halted.
826End Buses` `Protected Status` on Pollution
The ABD is calling for tougher action on the issue of disproportionately high emissions from buses.
825Cancel Speeding Penalties for Drivers Fooled by False Signs
Police Prosecute Despite Illegal Signs.
824Your Councils Do Give You the Hump!
Bristol Named as Worst City for Mobility Choice
823Drivers Fire `Pay per Mile' Shot Across the Bows
Members of the ABD have reaffirmed their hostility to 'Pay per mile' road pricing.
822ABD Members Reject Spurious 20mph 'Quality of life' Claims
ABD Survey Part 2
821Survey Results: ABD Members Call for Halt to Reckless 20mph Roll Out
ABD is calling for Government to halt the roll out of 20mph zones following further increases in 20mph accidents.
820If Roads Problems Won't Go Away, Neither Will Driver Discontent
The `war on the motorist` has not been ended as promised.
819Road Casualty Increase - The Medicine Isn`t Working, so Increasing the Dose Won`t Work
ABD calls for a radical rethink of UK road safety policies.
818Drivers' Poll Shows Red Light to Road Pricing Plans
An independent opinion poll has revealed serious driver concerns about the government's plans for England's main roads like the A1 and M25.
817Announcing the Launch of the Motorists' Charter
ABD & NMAG launch the Motorist's Charter
816Does Your Council Give You the Hump?
ABD invites the public to give their opinions on the way local councils create heaven or hell for drivers.
815ABD Condemns 'Presumed Guilt' As Rewarding Reckless Road Use
ABD calls attempts to lobby the Scottish parliament in favour of 'presumed guilt' into civil Law as unjust, perverse and a fraudsters charter.
814Denmark Shows Higher Speed Limits are Safer
A two-year experiment by the Danish road directorate shows accidents have fallen on single-carriageway rural roads where the speed limit was raised.
813Low Speed Limits Engage Autopilot
ABD points out that the suppression of attentive driving by the naive obsession with lower speed limits is a major cause of distraction.
812Bristol's Claims of Walking and Cycling Increases are Bogus
Bristol City Council's claim that walking and cycling have increased by more than 20% in its pilot 20mph speed limit areas have been shown to be false.
811Lack of Spare Wheel Could Puncture Managed Motorways
The ABD has expressed concern that losing the hard shoulder on the proposed M1 Managed Motorway scheme could jeopardise motorists safety.
810Motorway Madness from the Highways Agency
ABD rejects HA proposal to reduce speed limit on M1 in Derbyshire and South Yorks.
809New ACPO Speed Limit Enforcement Guidelines Welcome
A generally sensible approach from ACPO but will local police chiefs and councils be listening?
808Black Box Curfews Must End Following Deaths
Two teenagers tragically died whilst trying to beat a night time curfew imposed by their insurance company`s ‘black box’.
807ABD's Response to Traffic Police Cuts
The Alliance of British Drivers has this comment on the PR issued by Brake.
806Speed Camera Casualty Reduction Claims are False
Vysionics ITS, makers of SPECS average-speed cameras, have agreed with the ASA to change their advertising claims, following a complaint by the ABD.
805ABD Welcomes Godfrey Bloom MEP as a Patron
The Alliance of British Drivers is delighted to welcome Godfrey Bloom MEP as a patron.
804Speed limit guidance may criminalise 50% of drivers
Speed limit guidance from the Department for Transport (DfT) may criminalise 50% of drivers.
803Sick Society Prosecutes Quarter of Driving Population
According to figures released by, 23.9% of British drivers have been prosecuted for a driving offence in recent years.
802The Historic Evidence Shows 20mph Blanket Speed Limits are not Effective
Frequent calls from road safety fanatics for 20 mph speed limits ignore historic evidence.
801Let`s See Positive Proposals to Improve Road Safety
With Road Safety Week about to begin, the ABD believes that positive measures to prevent road accidents are preferable to the negative and punitive policies which do so much to alienate drivers.
Merger of the Association of British Drivers and the Drivers Alliance
The Association of British Drivers (ABD) and the Drivers Alliance (DA) are pleased to announce that they have agreed a merger of the two organisations.
79980mph Trials Must Be Fair
ABD Condemns DfT Attempt to Nobble 80mph Motorway Speed Limit Trial.
798What Are Your PCC Candidates Planning for The Roads?
ABD Stresses the Importance of Questioning Police Crime Commissioner Candidates Over their Aims.
797New Speed Limit Proposals a Missed Opportunity
Proposed new guidance will not achieve objectives, as it continues to recommend the use of the measured average speed as the basis of setting limits.
796No Need to Panic over 2011 Road Casualty Figures
While the increase is unwelcome, it must be seen in the context of the overall trend in recent years.
79520mph Zones are a Waste of Money
Wide Area 20mph Zones are a Waste of Money and Won't Save Lives
794Changes to Careless Driving Law Could Lead to a Turkey Shoot!
The ABD has submitted its response to the Government's consultation on making careless driving a fixed penalty offence.
793ABD Backs Judge's Call
ABD Backs Judge's Call for Tougher Sentencing for Aggravated Vehicle Taking.
792Confusion Reigns Over Scottish Speed Camera Statistics
Statistics released by the Scottish government appear to be confusing some journalists and campaigners who are attributing the entire 68% reduction in fatal and serious injury casualties to speed cameras.
791Welcome Recognition for the Value of Pre-driver Training
AA report on safety of young drivers includes welcome recognition that pre-driver training of youngsters has the potential to cut accident record of 18-24 year olds.
790Transport Committee Misses the Point on Road Safety
The Transport Select Committee has blamed the Government's lack of leadership on road safety for the rise in fatalities in 2011.
789Safety at Risk in New Cost-Cutting Motorway Schemes
The Government's desire to extract maximum capacity from the motorway network at lowest possible cost could jeopardise road safety.
788Is This Wheelie Good Practice?
Should Police and Councils Support Unauthorised Road Signage?
78720mph Zones and Speed Humps Do Not Work
New Casualty Statistics Show Failing Policies of 20 Zones and Speed Humps.
786Danger of Knee Jerk Reaction to Casualty Statistics
Extra research must be carried out into causation factors before pandering to the inevitable demands from pressure groups to spend money in the same old failing areas.
785Greening Still Sees Motorists as Cash Cows
Transport Secretary shows how out of touch she is with Britain's motorists by suggesting they should be paying more!.
784Lancashire Police Ignore Law Lords Ruling
The actions by Lancashire Police in fining drivers for flashing their headlights to warn of a speed trap are in direct contravention of a landmark legal decision in 2006.
78333% Increase in Dartford Crossing Tolls Condemned
The increase in crossing tolls for cars at Dartford has been branded outrageous by the ABD
782Fuel Duty Should be Reduced to Boost Economy
Report suggests Treasury will need to make up a shortfall in fuel duty caused by more efficient cars
781'Unfit for 80' Report Seriously Flawed
ABD criticises new report from the Road Safety Foundation
780Caution Urged on Drug Driving Laws
The ABD urges the government not to introduce knee jerk reaction laws which could punish a large number of innocent drivers.
779Good Speed Limit Practice Saves Lives in the US
Award winning Michigan State Police officers show the way with life saving work on speed limits.
77820MPH Limits — Be Careful What You Wish For
Since the current government changed the rules to allow councils to introduce 20mph limits at whim, there has been a vociferous campaign to get blanket introduction in many towns.
777Traffic Law Enforcement Should be Problem Led; Not Europe Led
Thames Valley Police have announced that they are increasing speed enforcement for this week as part of a Europe wide clamp down on speeding.
776Key to Lower Fuel Prices is Tax, Not Taps
Scrapping the Planned Fuel Duty Increase is Not Enough. Cuts in Duty are Essential.
775Be Smart With Smartphones
ABD welcomes calls for more education on dangerous use of smartphones at the wheel but calls for caution to be exercised over enforcement.
774Thames Valley Speed Cameras Have Saved No Lives
New Research Shows Dismal Failure of Speed Cameras in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire.
773ABD Slams Government Record on Road Safety
Change The Medicine. It's Not Working.
772The 'Inconvenient Truth' on Speed Limit Infringement?
The ABD calls upon Justice Minister Ken Clarke to provide evidence that minor speed limit infringements are causing casualties before almost doubling speeding fines from £60 to £100.
771The Olympics and the Dartford Crossing; a chance not to be missed?
ABD calls on Government to discontinue the tolls for a pre-determined period
770Petrol at £1 a Litre to Kickstart Economy. Not HS2
The ABD suggests a better use for the £32 Billion HS2 Fund
769Less Bureaucracy, More Common Sense Needed to Get Traffic Moving
The government to be congratulated for taking initiative in providing 3D scanners to speed up clearing of motorways following serious accidents.
768Transport Secretary Must Amend Highway Proposals
ABD Sees Potential for Highway Robbery in The Cook Report
767ABD Challenges Speed Camera Revenue Generation
Thames Valley Police are collecting over £1 million per annum by diversion of Speed Awareness Course Fees to finance speed camera operations
766It's Time for Action on Fuel Tax, Not Debate

765Road Safety Charities Are Like Circling Vultures Over M5 Dead
Shameful attempts by anti-car/anti-driver groups to exploit victims in order to further their agenda before accident investigation complete
764ABD Calls for an End to Rip-Off Motoring Taxes
In an unexpected development, Ken Livingstone has called for an end to excessive parking charges in the Westminster area.
763ABD Urges the Government NOT to Extend MOT Intervals
Vehicle safety will be compromised by changing the current 3 years/1 year to 4 years/2years.
762Cars Emit Less CO₂ per Passenger km than Buses
Outside of London even a car containing only the driver outperforms the bus.
761ABD Welcomes New Secretary of State for Transport Justine Greening
The ABD hope that the appointment of Justine Greening will mean a revival of the as yet unfulfilled Tory promise to 'end the war on the motorist'.
760Traffic Signs Review — Good in Parts
The ABD welcomes the aims of the Traffic Signs Review to reduce sign clutter and make signs easier for road users to understand.
759Dangerous Driving Proposals Have Dangerous Blind Spots
Victims Better Served By Tackling The Action, Not The Outcome.
758Cameron Must End the War on the Motorist
In the party conference season, it is worth recapping on the promises made just two years ago by those now in government.
757ABD Slams Botched Release Of Speed Camera Statistics
The DfT has announced that some camera partnerships have complied with its request to release speed camera statistics.
756Addressing the Menace of Excessively Slow Drivers
60% of motorists experience an increase in stress levels when faced with a vehicle moving slower than the rest of the traffic
755Heads Must Roll In Speed Camera Scandal
Lancashire has been one of the first counties to publish its speed camera statistics under new government rules and locals are horrified.
754Tory Promises not Kept — Let Down for Drivers
The ABD contrasts excerpts from then Conservative Transport Spokesperson Theresa Villiers 2009 conference speech with the reality of 13 months in power.
753ABD welcomes M74 completion
The Association of British Drivers has welcomed the completion of the M74 motorway south of Glasgow.
752Local Authorities Urged to Listen to Police Experts on Speed Limits
The ABD has urged the government to transfer speed setting powers from local councils to police experts.
751ABD Hopes For Full Revelation of Speed Camera Statistics
The ABD have known for years by the devious way speed camera stats are manipulated and hidden by camera partnerships and local authorities that there must be much to hide.
750Government Announces 'Free for All' For Councils on 20MPH Speed Limits
Government announces measures that allow 20MPH limits to be introduced at whim by local authorities just by painting a few roundels on the road.
749Government should scrap £5,000 Gift To Buyers Of £25,000 Electric Cars
ABD calls for goverment to stop giving £5,000 of taxpayers money to buyers of new electric cars, typically costing around £25,000 after subsidy.
748Blackfriars Bridge Should Be 30mph
ABD calls on the Mayor of London to ignore calls for a continuation of the temporary 20mph speed limit on Blackfriars Bridge.
74711% Vehicle Excise Duty Surcharge On Poorer Drivers Excessive
The ABD says the 11% (approx) surcharge for renewing at 6 monthly intervals is grossly unfair to poorer drivers who often cannot afford the full year's tax.
746Is diversion of Speed Awareness Course Fees an example of Perverting the Course of Justice?
The Government stopped funding Safety Camera Partnerships. They are now dependent on local authorities to provide their funding out of road safety budgets.
745Enlightened Council Leads The Way
The ABD praises Swindon Council trialling speed reactive traffic lights.
744Time to Keep the Promises and 'End the War on the Motorist'
A year ago, the coalition government was formed and the new Transport Secretary, Philip Hammond, promised to end the war on the motorist.
743ABD Comments on Government Proposals For Reckless Driving & Speed Limits
The ABD welcomes targeting of reckless, drugged and drunk drivers.
742Minister's Car Ban Proposal Simply Misses the Point
Public health minister Anne Milton MP has proposed closing roads on Sundays so that children can play in them.
741ABD Opposes Back Door Road Pricing in New Proposals
The European Commission has just released a transport White Paper 'Roadmap Towards a Single European Transport Area'.
740ABD Welcomes Fuel Duty Cut, but More Action Needed
The ABD welcomed the announcement in the Budget that fuel duty would fall by 1p/litre, and there would be no further rises during 2011.
739A9 Slochd '2+1' Scheme a Waste of Time & Money
The Association of British Drivers questions the competence of Transport Scotland planners.
738Outrageous Leniency for Council Parking Official Who Falsified Evidence
Exeter City Council official pleaded guilty to a charge of wilful misconduct, but was let off with an absolute discharge.
737Localism a Threat To Road Safety
ABD warns of dangers of handing powers to local councils.
736War On The Motorist. When Will The End Begin?
The Tories were elected, just like Boris Johnson, largely on a pro motorist agenda by a public sick of Labour's long running attacks..
735Speed Cameras Do Not Save Lives
ABD review of evidence in RAC Foundation report comes to opposite conclusion.
734Confidence & Responsibility Key to Young Driver Safety
the ABD's proposals to cut young driver casualties.
733ABD Condemns Police Hypocrisy
The case of Michael Thompson, fined a staggering £440 including costs for warning a driver of a speed trap shows police claims to be false.
732PPG13 - Rot in Hell
The government has announced the scrapping of residential parking place limits and higher parking charge guidance which were put in place by Johnny '2 Jags' Prescott back in 2001 in his policy called "PPG13".
731Coalition Fuels Inflation
New Year sees more pain at the pumps for drivers, with rises in fuel duty and VAT adding around 4p a litre.
730Speed Camera Data Must Be Published In Full
ABD implores the government to insist upon full and accurate data.
729Britain Strangled by Green Tape
Channel 4 documentary on green movement's damaging past mistakes should refocus on damage being caused today
728(Withdrawn due to error)
727ABD Slams Disabled Parking Charge
The Association of British Drivers has condemned a decision by Carmarthenshire Council to impose parking charges upon disabled drivers.
726ABD Calls for More Honest Approach to Road Safety
95% of crashes do not involve exceeding the speed limit.
725RACF Education in Safety Report Will Undermine Excellence
The ABD is greatly concerned that the "Education in Road Safety" report produced by Frank McKenna for the RAC Foundation will be used to further undermine the status of driver training initiatives and quality driving.
724M6 Toll A Failure - We Told You First!
Now it Suits their Agenda, CfBT Joins ABD in Attack on Tolls.
723ABD Supports Pickles and Hammond on Clutter Reduction
Ludicrous `Dayglo Arms Race` Harms Road Safety.
722ABD Rebuttal of RoSPA`s Speed Camera Claims
RoSPA have produced a paper entitled 'Safety Cameras and Road Safety Funding Cuts'.
721ABD Comments on Trowbridge Road Safety Partnership Closure Protest
Brake are organising a protest on Friday 20 August 2010 between 12:30 and 13:30 outside Trowbridge County Hall, Wiltshire.
720Police Chiefs Want War
The Association of British Drivers has condemned proposals for speed cameras to be outsourced to private companies.
719ABD Questions Legality of Parking Charge Rises
Small increases in speed at deactivated camera sites are nothing to worry about..
718ABD Comments on Reports of Speeding at Deactivated Camera Sites
Small increases in speed at deactivated camera sites are nothing to worry about..
717ABD Chairman Brian Gregory Comments On Speed Camera 'Switch-Off' Hysteria
Journalists and the public should be wary of being misled by claims of 'success' by the road safety industry.
716North Review Recommendation on Drink-Drive Limit Would Punish Responsible Drivers
Drivers well over the current 80mg limit are the problem, not those in the 50-80mg range.
715Ed Miliband in Denial Over UK Climate Targets Climate minister
Ed Miliband disputes peer reviewed critique of the UK's 'doomed to fail' climate targets, but his shadows are no better.
714Election 2010: It's `None of the Above' for Drivers
33 million drivers neglected by political parties.
713ABD Criticises Shortsighted Proposal from RAC Foundation
The ABD has rubbished a suggestion by the RAC Foundation that larger letters should be used on road signs to help elderly people who cannot see clearly.
712The Truth about Speed Limits in Roadworks
Silly Limit - Mobile Speed Cameras - No Workers Present.
711New Study Debunks Air Quality Alarmism
Exaggerated claims about the air quality effects on health are challenged by life expectancy data and a new comprehensive study.
710Driver Skill Can Exorcise Phantom Jams
Research from Bristol University has drawn attention to phantom traffic jams, but the ABD is critical of both recommended solutions and AA advice.
709Drivers Welcome North Wales Police Enlightenment
The ABD welcomes new Chief Constable's efforts to overturn the antagonistic culture created by his predecessor.
708Triple Whammy for Drivers on April 'Fuels' Day
April 1st sees another 1p per litre on fuel tax, new VED rates, and a showroom tax on cars
707High Speed Rail Plan is Transport Hypocrisy
Different Rules for Road and Rail
706ABD Comment on ASA CO₂ Adverts Adjudication
ASA and DECC rely on discredited IPCC report to support ruling on Act on CO2 adverts.
705Plans for M20 Variable Speed Limits Condemned
ABD denounces Highways Agency plans to impose variable speed limits on part of the M20 as an unnecessary burden on drivers and a waste of money.
704Police, RoSPA & BBC Illustrate What's Wrong With Road Safety Establishment
An innovative idea to train young people to drive off the public road has been criticised by the police and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.
703Police Admit Speeding Tickets Issued for Entrapment by Road Layouts
Road safety industry in Cambridge benefits from speeding tickets issued for driving safely.
702Stern Link Shows Tories Are Detached From Climate Policy Reality
Conservatives are 'nobbling' democracy by failing to provide an alternative to policies based on unfounded climate alarmism.
701'Sterngate': The Influential Stern Review Has Been Quietly Altered
History re-written instead of re-writing Lord Stern's report seriously damages the basis of current climate policy
700Scandals Discredit Global Warming Policies
UN IPCC Panel Cannot Be Trusted
699Cameron`s 'Broken' Thinking on ‘Green’ Taxes and Marriage
Details of a proposed Conservative ‘green’ tax policy targeting drivers are leaked, denied, and then confirmed
698Buy a 4x4, Not Global Warming Alarmism
'Off road' 4x4 and 'soft road' AWD (All Wheel Drive) vehicles are safer in all types of weather, not just a 'barbecue summer' or a 'mild winter'
697Boris` Transport Strategy Ignores Snow & Ice
Global Warming Paranoia Leaves us Wide Open to Freezelock.
696Not Gridlock, Freezelock - we warned you in 2005!
The fact that the UK and much of the Northern Hemisphere is in the grip of another severe winter comes as no surprise to the ABD.
695Driver`s Group Slams London`s Biased Transport Consultation
The Association of British Drivers (ABD) is concerned to note that many people are unaware of an important consultation.
694ABD response to Ed Miliband's 10 climate change 'facts'
The government's 10 climate 'facts' must have been written in a pub by someone who had drunk 'one too many'.
693Miliband and Humphreys in a Muddle
Time for a Basic Science Lesson.
692UEA Climategate Defence "Barefaced Cheek"
It's Not That Elementary, Prof Watson.
691Climategate Debate On Radio 4 Today Prog at Last
20 Scientists Driving Climate Alarmism not Thousands.
690ABD Welcomes Cameron`s Health & Safety Speech
Calls for Return to Reasonableness and Responsibility.
689Hiding and Manipulation of Road Safety Data as Scandalous as Climategate
Climategate is part of a much bigger picture of scandalous abuse and hiding of statistics by government funded bodies..
688Climategate : Media Gloss Over Vital Issues
Emails reveal inconvenient truths about the scientific process and IPCC reports.
687Leaked Emails Expose Climate Research Scandal
University of East Anglia (UEA) at the centre of an alleged international scientific conspiracy.
686Postal Dispute No Hiding Place for NIP delivery
The Postal Dispute gives the Crown Prosecution Service & speed camera partnerships no hiding place regarding Notice of Intended Prosecution delivery.
685BBC Gives BNP a Voice, but Not Climate Sceptics
Clearly the BBC is only 'impartial' when it suits them.
684ABD Condemns Plan to Sell Dartford Crossing
The ABD has condemned government plans to sell the Dartford Tunnel and Queen Elizabeth II bridge.
683Drivers Must Pay Up or the Planet Gets It
ABD responds to Climate Change Committee suggesting road pricing to combat 'global warming'.
682ABD Welcomes Conservative Proposals on Safety and Congestion
More Positive Action Needed on Driver Education and Road Design.
681Drivers Group Calls on David Cameron to Rule Out Road Pricing
Expected Conservative government is considering the introduction of road pricing.
680Drivers Group Promotes Height Barrier Petition
Motorcaravanners and Disabled sign up on 10 Downing St website.
679Bizarre PR from ETA Muddles Facts on School Run
No Wonder Transport Policy is on Another Planet.
678Magistrates Association Right on Fixed Penalties
Careless Driving "Inappropriate" for Fixed Penalties.
677Innocent Drivers To Be Treated Like Witches
Ministry of 'Justice' proposals hark back to the Middle Ages.
676Government uses Taxpayers' Money to Lobby Itself
TPA report exposes cash bonanza for climate alarmists and anti-roads groups.
675If At First You Don't Succeed, Try Try Again
Government Contemptuous of Public Opinion on Taxing Driving to Work.
674Cars ARE cleaner than buses
2009 report finds that, per passenger km travelled, cars emit less toxic pollutants than buses.
673Don't Become Another 'Overturned Caravan' Statistic
As the holiday season gets into full swing, make sure your caravan doesn't do the same!
672Road Pricing Supporters Given Easy Ride by BBC
Radio 4 Today Programme Distorts Transcom Report
671Transport Committee Tax Report is a Welcome Dose of Realism
Transcom MPs Sing To ABD Tune.
670Doomed CO₂ Policy is Based on Climate Astrology
The imposition of more taxes and restrictions is the real agenda behind computer modelled climate alarmism via the unjustified demonization of CO₂.
668ABD Helps David Cameron with "Blueprint for Freedom"
Conservative Policy Ideas Need To Grasp What is Really Strangling Democracy in Britain
667Congestion Charging Makes Crash Gordon Look Popular
Time to Abandon Road Pricing Concept, says ABD
666ABD Joins RAC Foundation Demand for Proper Crash Investigation
RAC foundation called yesterday for full investigation of serious crashes to establish ways of preventing repeat occurence.
665Driver`s Group Demands Facts on Child Deaths are Published
The ABD demands that full facts and figures for every child death for the last 3 years are published in detail.
664Top Gear Made a Scapegoat for Bad Safety
Clarkson & Co Should be Safety Champions say ABD
663Scrappage Scheme Would Export Jobs
Remove High Taxes on New Cars to Stimulate Sales
662Esure Twitterers are Not British!
Don't worry dear, Esure's Twittering PR is "Only a Commercial", the British are really very good drivers!
661Speed Limit Petition Gathers Pace
A petition against a government proposal to reduce the national speed limit has gained over 20,000 signatures.
660Brake and Direct Line Should Rethink Speed Policy
The ABD explains why the claim by Brake and Direct Line that by driving at 35MPH rather than 30MPH a driver twice as likely to kill a child, is simply not true.
659Sinister EU Plans to Spy on Every Car
EU planning to install sinister spy devices in all new cars that will constantly transmit the location, speed, and heading of the car to a central database.
658Drivers Lambast Government ‘Safety Adviser’ Qualifications
Call for Panel of Genuine Experts to review speed limits.
657ABD Condemns Inflation Busting Charges From DVLA
Inflation-busting fee increases announced by the DVLA and DSA.
656ABD Welcomes MPs` Defence of Drivers` Privacy
Loophole Allowing Sale of DVLA Data Must be Closed.
655Anti Car Extremists Drive 50 Limit Proposals
Driving Skills to be Destroyed to Suit Eco Agenda.
654Which? Car Adopts Anti-Car Chant
Which? Car has picked up the chant of the anti-4x4 lobby by claiming 4x4s are 'socially unacceptable'
653Spain Puts UK To Shame On Road Deaths
Figures released by Spain's Dirección General de Tráfico show a drop of one fifth in road fatalities.
652Callous Magistrates should be Suspended
ABD calls for magistrates to be suspended after a pensioner died from a heart attack whilst being hounded over a speeding fine.
651ISA and the 29% Lie
Relentless over-regulation of drivers continues with the promotion of ISA by the farcical 'Motorists' Forum.
650Manchester Vote Kills Road Pricing
Overwhelming Rejection of Congestion Charging Across Greater Manchester.
649ABD Urges "Community Approach" To Saving Fuel
Many Eco Driving Tips Worsen Congestion.
648Manchester Road Pricing Ad - Political, Biased, Banned - Official!
Manchester Authorities Using Taxpayers` Money for Propaganda.
647London Congestion Charge - Western Extension Abolished
… as Manchester Votes on Introducing a Huge Charging Zone.
646Pro Road Pricing Advert Pulled By TV Station After Complaints
Granada TV have pulled a £230,000 ad placed by GMPTE following complaints about its biased content. .
645Six Points for "Normal Progress"
Lower speed limits mean higher penalties will hit safe drivers.
644Manchester C-Charge in Obama Link
Road Pricing Advocates in Scramble for `Obama Factor` Credibility.
643Hoon Wrong about Average Speed Cameras
Reports suggest Geoff Hoon is considering widespread replacement of fixed speed cameras with average speed ones.
642Trick, Treat, or Road Safety?
ABD urges drivers and parents to take extra care on the roads on Halloween night.
641Commons Report Admits Abuse of Road Safety
MPs Fail to Understand Key Safety Issues.
640ABD Welcomes Swindon Decision to Scrap Speed Cameras
Last night Swindon council decided to scrap fixed speed cameras in the town.
639Mystic Met: A chronology of failed Met Office predictions
How Accurate are the Met Office Climate Models?
638ABD Welcomes Fitzpatrick Blood Alcohol Comments
Road safety minister Jim Fitzpatrick indicates government will not propose lower blood alcohol limit.
637ABD Outlines Case For Scrapping Of `Car Possession Tax` (VED)
Vehicle Excise Duty (also known as Vindictive Extortion Demand) is a tax on ownership of a car.
636County Council Ignores Police Opposition to Speed Limit Cuts
Warwickshire County Council is pushing ahead with plans to reduce speed limits on almost every rural A and B road in the county.
635Drivers` Group Slams Ludicrous Claims For Speed Limiters
ISA report condemned for exaggerated and unsupportable claims for potential accident reductions.
634TfL Admits Livingstone Regime Deliberately Obstructed Traffic Flows
Report admits that many traffic lights and other road schemes have reduced road and junction capacity.
633Government VED Confusion and Misinformation Must End Now
Owners of post 2001 cars and the motor trade thrown into confusion over VED.
632The Eagle Has Landed (On Planet Zorg)
Retrospective Road Tax changes have `an element of revenue raising` which exceeds £2billion.
631Challenge to The Legality of Speed Cameras Gathers Pace
A serious challenge to the legality of most speeding convictions since the early 1990s is gaining momentum.
630Go Green? Green Means Naive
So-called 'green' taxes are spun as being designed to change people's behaviour in order to "save the planet" by influencing purchasing decisions.
629Drivers` Alliance to be Launched Next Month
A pro-motoring group formed with Peter Roberts as CEO is to launch officially next month.
628Road Death Toll Drops Below 3000 - Could Do Better
The rate of reduction in road fatalities remains effectively stalled since the start of the speed camera era.
627Manchester Set to Hold Congestion Charge Referendum?
ABD welcomes the prospect of a referendum on a congestion charge in Greater Manchester.
62642 Days Issue is Tip of Civil Liberties Iceberg
ABD Salutes David Davis For His Stand.
625Triple Tax Whammy Could Trigger Summer of Discontent
New Labour`s war on drivers is set to escalate with an announcement in Parliament tomorrow by Ruth Kelly on the introduction of a congestion charge in Manchester.
624Petrol Stealth Taxes Equal to 10% Extra Income Tax for Low Paid
Low paid forced to pay the equivalent of as much as 10% extra income tax.
623Has Angela Eagle Misled Parliament On Vehicle Excise Duty?
ABD Analyzes Treasury Claims about VED.
622Backdating Of Vehicle Excise Duty Will Increase CO2 Output
Treasury documents show that the overall vehicle emission reduction of the VED changes is expected to be just 0.1%
621Fifteen UK councils implicated in EU Backed Road Pricing Skulduggery   Italiano   Русский
The ABD has discovered that 15 UK councils are implicated with an EU funded project which advocates underhand and undemocratic means to railroad through urban road pricing schemes in the face of massive public opposition.
620A Good Day to Bury Bad News?
Survey shows Britons see through green taxes.
619Election Rout for Manchester Congestion Charge Champion
The chief backer of the proposed Manchester congestion charge has been trounced in the local elections.
618Now You See It, Now You Don't
BBC has 'technical difficulties' with video showing a speed camera van causing crashes.
617ABD Calls For MPs To Reject Second Budget Blow to Poor Families
Hidden in the budget was the backdating of draconian VED rises for cars registered since 2001..
616Treasury Dash for Cash Exposed as Motorists are Mugged Yet Again
Another so-called 'green' tax hike hitting drivers has been shown up as a scam, with very little impact on emissions.
615Drivers Tired by Government Policy
Government need wake up call that their policies cause the driver fatigue they are campaigning against.
614Higher Motoring Costs and Global Cooling Ahead
Research continues to show that action on natural and inevitable climate change is not warranted.
613Darling Spends on National Road Pricing Technology
But Road Pricing Ditched By Ruth Kelly Last Week.
612Crucial Decision on Bolton Road Pricing Referendum Due on Monday 10th
Bolton Council to name the date for local referendum on road pricing.
611National Road Pricing on Back Burner
But Government Still Don't Get It - Road Pricing Can't Work as a Transport Solution.
610ABD Welcomes Porsche Challenge to 'Vastly Disproportionate' London Emissions Tax
Drivers will have to pay 3500 times over for their `pollution`.
609Response to ASA Ruling on MART/ABD Poster Campaign
ABD and MART welcome ASA ruling about "Tagged, tracked and taxed" poster campaign.
608Manchester Geared Up For Gridlock?
Reports of bemused onlookers have reached ABD HQ following the emergence of GMPTE posters in Manchester.
607Drivers Demand Dangerous Speed Humps be Dumped
ABD renews call for all speed humps to be removed after a speed hump caused a serious accident.
606Government Car Crushing Waste Scandal Must End
Every day we hear of vehicles being seized and crushed by various government departments.
605Manchester C-Charge 'A Threat to Privacy'
Manchester Against Road Tolls (MART) is to step up its campaign for an independent privacy commissioner to safeguard drivers personal details if a congestion charge is introduced.
604Paul Smith
Paul Smith, founder of SafeSpeed, and ABD Highland Local Co-ordinator has passed away at the age of 52.
603Cool It Mr Benn
The End Is Nigh — Again
602Reprinting of Landmark Road Safety Book Will Stimulate Debate and Help Charity
'Road Accidents: Prevent or Punish?' by J J Leeming has been reprinted.
601Britain's Poor Roads Cost Lives
Invest in Improvement Not Obstruction, Says ABD.
600Birmingham City Council's A47 'Car Share' Lane Duplicity Exposed
Journey times will be monitored during the twelve month trial period of the A47 car share lane to assess whether it has been successful or not.
599An Open Letter to Med Hughes
ABD writes to Med Hughes regarding the his alleged speeding offence.
598Top Traffic Cop May Face Driving Ban
Med Hughes — More Points Than Entire ABD Committee Put Together!
597Birmingham`s A47 'Car Share' Lane Criticised
Another road capacity reduction for Birmingham
596IPCC Climate Report — Synthesis or Synthetic?
2007 report the 'last hurrah' for alarmists — cooler times ahead?.
595Only 1 in Ten Million Potential Road Accidents Actually Happen
ABD rubbishes claim by PACTS and GEM Motoring Assist that "the equivalent to the total population of major cities like Nottingham or Belfast are killed or injured on our roads every year".
594Channel 4 Dispatches Bottles Out
"Bottleneck Britain" Turns into a Sales Pitch for Government Road Pricing Plans.
593Drivers` Safety Advice Ignored in Highway Code Review
Eighteen Sensible Safety Suggestions Snubbed.
592Six Point Plan to End Crazy Road Closures
The ABD calls for immediate action to stop the police carrying out actions which effectively constitute illegal imprisonment.
591Merkel Rejects Autobahn Speed Limits: Safety Not Even Mentioned
German Chancellor rejects call for a 130km/h (80mph) speed limit on unrestricted autobahns.
590New Climate Change Bill Ignores Reality
Government to set out plans for reducing the UK's 2% contribution to global man-made CO2 emissions.
589Bolton Con-Charge Bell Tolls For Ruth Kelly
Ruth Kelly accused of keeping quiet about a potential £312 million bill for Bolton.
588PACTS call for 20 mph speed limits is fatally flawed
PACTS offering Government misguided advice by calling for speed limit of 20 mph in towns.
587Peace Prize or Orwell's "Ministry of Truth"?
Gore and IPCC Don't Deserve a Nobel Prize.
586City Road Pricing Sums Fail To Add Up Unless Surrounding Towns Are Hit Too
Manchester - The Government Road Pricing Guinea Pig Bites Back.
585ABD Welcomes Doubling Of Transport Budget But Urges Wise Spending
Doubling of the transport budget will be welcome news to British drivers.
584ABD Praises West Sussex Council School Safety Zones
51 schools to get flashing signs warning drivers of advisory speed limits during drop off and pick up times.
583The Game's Up!
Manchester Congestion Charge Con Exposed.
582Target Bad Drivers, Not The Elderly or The Young
Ageism Fad Shows Desperation Over Failing Safety Policy.
581BMW`s "Urban 4x4" to Escape £25 Congestion Charge
ABD Uncovers Britain`s Most Unfair and Absurd Tax Proposal.
580Opposition Parties' Green Tax Proposals Riddled with Deceit
Genuine Environmental Taxes Must Be Revenue Neutral.
579ABD Welcomes New BBC Impartiality On Climate Change
The announcement that the BBC is to scrap a day-long Climate Change Special is to be welcomed by all who want a factual unbiased debate on climate change issues.
578ABD Demands End of Political Speed Limits
Lincolnshire County Council is planning to reduce the speed limit on the A52 between Boston and Skegness.
577£25 Congestion Charge - Ignorance Personified
The Mayor of London has announced that he is to go ahead with a public consultation on a proposed £25 Congestion Charge for some vehicles.
576Climate Science Update (2) from the ABD
In the second of a series of press releases relating to climate science and its relevance to the over-taxed, over-regulated British motorist, some of the latest research is briefly reviewed.
575Thames Gateway Bridge Blocked by PPG13
Ken Livingstone 'Supports' the Project, but Gives £65,000 to Objectors.
574CAN Cannot Be Serious
Congestion Charge Pushers Taken to the Cleaners by MART.
573Road Safety: DfT and TRANSCOM not Fit for Purpose
Time to Act After 10 Years of Government Failure 'Spun' as a Success.
572Sinking Manchester C-Charge Ship Suffers Embarrassing Internal Leaks
AGMA Voting Rules to be Changed in an Attempt to Impose Congestion Charging?
571MART Threatens to Replace Council Leader with an Anti-Congestion Charge Mayor
MART accused politicians of subverting the democratic process by denying electors a referendum.
570Drivers & Horse Riders Oppose Highway Code Change
The ABD is supporting a call by the British Horse Society for a proposed amendment to the Highway Code to be reconsidered.
569New Survey Reveals 81% Against Manchester`s C-Charge Plans
A team of dedicated Manchester Against Road Tolls (MART) members have given up their spare time in order to canvass the opinions of residents in 5 marginal wards in Bury, Oldham, Rochdale, Stockport and Trafford.
568Stockport To Be Divided by C-Charge
M60 through Stockport will be an electronic Berlin Wall under Manchester's Congestion Charge Plans.
567You Can't Tax the Sun for Shining
A new paper has been published which claims that the Sun cannot be implicated in the past 20 years of global warming.
566C-Charge Fiction from Manchester`s GMPTA
More ABD-MART `Tagged, Tracked and Taxed` Billboard posters to go up on Monday 9th July.
565Manchester's £3 Billion Con
ABD-MART billboard poster campaign against being 'Tagged, Tracked and Taxed' to be launched this week.
564Two Disappointments in Two Days
Road casualty figures and right to silence rejection disappoint drivers
563Manchester Congestion Charge - The Fightback Starts Here!
The campaign against the proposed Manchester travel tax will be officially launched on Saturday by Peter Roberts.
562Carbon Control - Education or Indoctrination?
ABD concerned about scheme which targets children with man made climate change messages.
561Manchester Against Road Tolls
The fight against road congestion taxes in Manchester will come to the centre of the city, Saturday June 23rd.
560GEM Proposals on Drink Driving Contradictory
Woolly Thinking Destroys Credibility of Safety Messages.
559Number-Plate Fraud Shows How ID Cards Will Fail
Lack of trust in DVLA database, shows that National Identity Scheme will fail in the same way.
558We`ll Take the High Road
The Association of British Drivers welcomes A9 improvements.
557Police Chief "Out of Touch with Reality" on Road Policing
Meredyth Hughes claimed that the ABD have 'encouraged drivers to believe that there is something inherently wrong with enforcing the law'.
556ABD Calls for New Laws to Restrict Use of Surveillance Infomation
Speed Cameras ARE the Orwellian Nightmare Warned of by Hampshire DCC Readhead.
555Banning Activities Whilst Driving Will Not Address Bad Driving
The Local Authority Road Safety Officers' Association have recently called for a ban on smoking whilst driving.
554Information Pollution - It`s Official
Fresh attempts are being made to stifle any voice on climate change from outside the IPCC sphere of influence.
553Brunstrom Must Go
The ABD calls for the resignation of the Chief Constable of North Wales.
552Channel 4 "Killer Road" Programme Hits The Spot on Road Safety
Channel 4 programme featuring families of victims and those involved in five fatal accidents on the A46 in Lincolnshire.
551Children's Education to be 'Gored'?
Swindle or Truth - let the kids decide
550Climate Science Update (1) from the ABD
Motoring Milch Cow Under The Weather
549RAC Foundation`s Road Pricing Capitulation
RAC Foundation to call for Road Pricing to be 'rebranded' and 'sold' to drivers.
548Climate Change Propaganda Exercise Part 2
IPCC 2007 Working Group II Report on Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability.
547Protest against Road Pricing, Reading, Saturday April 7th
A protest is being held against road pricing plans in Reading.
546Acting on CO2
The ABD today unveils two simple solutions to political concerns about CO2 emissions and atmospheric levels.
545Dirty Budget Attacks Clean Euro IV cars
Today they came for larger cars, how long before they come for yours?
544Government Does Not Want Congestion Reduced
The response of H.M. government to a petition to reduce commuting by encouraging teleworking, shows that they are not interested in reducing congestion at all.
543Shhh! Don't mention road pricing until after the May elections
I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it.
542Scrap the New Off-Road Vehicles Registration Bill
New bill has been misinterpreted and is now too wide ranging.
541Too Much Automation On The Road = Too Many Automatons On The Road
The ABD advises drivers to be on the lookout for the pitfalls of automated features.
540Brake Takes Another Wrong Turn
Road safety charity BRAKE is claiming that in-car satellite navigation using on-screen maps distracts drivers and should be banned.
539Miliband "Head in the Sand" on Climate Change Science
Live on air this morning, David Miliband was asked what he thought of the Channel 4 programme "The Great Global Warming Swindle".
538Second Chance to see "The Great Global Warming Swindle"
The second screening of "The Great Global Warming Swindle" takes place on Monday the 12th of March on More 4.
537An Inconvenient Documentary
Watch Channel 4's 'The Great Global Warming Swindle,' 9pm, 8th March and help end 'Global Goreing'
536Drivers' Group Condemns BBC Radio 2 Vote
Radio 2's Jeremy Vine show asking the public to vote one of eight categories of road user off the roads.
535 Illegality of existing Cleveland Section 172 Notice once again confirmed in Court
Judge finds in favour of appellant in confirming his appeal against conviction on a failure to provide driver details.
534The Great Global Warming Swindle
Channel 4, Thursday 8th March, 9pm
533Toll Tax Zones 'a tax on city living'
The Association of British Drivers rejects the government's proposed zonal system of road pricing as 'a tax on city living'.
532Manchester Pricing Trial - Demand for a Referendum Grows
The Association of British Drivers support North West MEP David Sumberg`s demand for a Congestion Charge referendum.
531Time for the DfT to be Pro-Transport Rather than Anti-Car
In the wake of Gwyneth Dunwoody's savaging of the DfT as 'a terrible picture of failure' …
530Government Promise to Debate Road Pricing `A Sham`
Abandon Road Pricing Now, says the ABD.
529Petition Against Road Pricing Passes 1 Million
Tony Blair Admits Road Pricing is "Just a Tax".
528Plans to Indoctrinate Children Reflect Panic
We may be seeing the arrival of state sponsored totalitarianism in education.
527Road Charging Will Hit Rural Communities Hard
Rural communities have the most to lose from road charging, warns the ABD.
526New IPCC Climate Report Puts Politics Before Science Again
ABD backs House of Lords calls for a re-think of the UN climate change panel and a review of its workings.
525600,000 People Sign Road Pricing Petition
The petition against road pricing has now been signed by over 600,000 people, dwarfing all other petitions.
524Restoring Public Confidence in Mobile Speed Camera Enforcement
ABD receives suggestion from serving police officer re LTI 20-20 speed gun.
523ABD Member's Petition Against Road Pricing Passes HALF A MILLION Signatures.
The petition against road pricing today passed half a million signatures having more than doubled in only eight days.
522ITN Antarctic Ice Scare Unfounded
Another series of global warming scaremongering reports from ITN.
521ABD Member`s Petition Against Road Pricing Passes 250,000 Signatures
Massive Public Opposition to Road Tolls — and a Revolution in the Political Process.
520No More Excuses — Raise The Motorway Speed Limit Now!
The Association of British Drivers calls for the motorway speed limit to be raised to 80mph immediately.
519Making it Harder to Get a Licence Won't Stop Young Driver Carnage
Sensible Motoring Laws and Post Test Training the Way Forwards.
518"We Got It Wrong" says the IPCC
"More to come" says the ABD.
517Brown budget for a Black hole is not Green
Drivers and air passengers are mugged to cover the black hole caused by another treasury SNAFU.
516Pre-Budget Statement: Green or Brown?
Clean family cars could be attacked in another WMD war based on sexed up eco-dossiers.
515Miliband admits The Inconvenient Truth
Environment Minister shaken by public opposition to green taxes and futile unilateral carbon reduction policies.
514ABD Calls for a Referendum on Road User Charging
Roads for the rich as Cameron`s Blue Labour Party embrace Road User Charging.
513Motorists already pay for their carbon emissions FIVE times over
Stern Review on Climate Change suggests a 'carbon tax' of £44 per tonne of CO2 emitted.
512Stop Climate Alarmism
Claims that we have just 10 years to save the planet from an irreversible climate catastrophe have absolutely no support from peer reviewed scientific literature.
511Transport Select Committee Needs to Read the Roadsigns
Transport Select Committee report has missed the signs showing that speed cameras simply do not work.
510What's Left of Climate Science?
Author of Stern report continues climate scaremongering.
509Stern Review is 'Trick or Treat' Says the ABD
The 700 page Stern Review on the economics of climate change is appropriately published the day before Halloween.
508Parking Permits based on Plant Food Gas in LibDemLand
Lib Dem council in Richmond intends to make owners of so-called gas guzzling vehicles pay more to park because of emissions of plant food gas.
507Speed Enforcement - As Socially Acceptable as Drink Driving
An undercover sting operation has revealed truths about the speed camera scam.
506Hurricane Hype Turns into Damp Squib
Motor-Mouths Exposed as Scaremongers.
505School Science As 'Media Slave' Is Roundly Condemned
Dumbing down science education as the servant of media studies is bad news for the future public understanding of science.
504New Road Safety Bill Has No Limits
MP's to vote on new Road Safety Bill despite speed thresholds being undecided.
503Is Insurance Black Box a 'Trojan Horse' for Road Charging?
The ABD warns drivers that an insurance black box can also be used for the Government's planned road charging scheme.
502How Green Are Politicians?
Politicians of all colours are revealing a worrying degree of naivetÈ over the environmental credentials of cars.
501Accident Causation Analysis means the end of the road for the "One-Third Lie"
Government report shows only 5% of accidents involved exceeding the speed limit.
500Carbon Offset Schemes Divorced From Reality
As Global Cooling draws ever nearer Carbon Offset Schemes look increasingly divorced from reality
ISA (Intelligent Speed Adaptation) should be re-named as USELESS (Unintelligent Speed Engineering Lowering Existing Safety Standards)
498Government Ignores Police Concerns in Changing Speed Limit Rules
A key change to the rules for speed limit setting was opposed by a 2-to-1 majority of police forces.
497Lower limits, More enforcement, Drivers will be crying out for lethal speed limiters
Fresh stories of ‘intelligent speed adaptation’' come days after government advice on lower speed limits.
496Road Safety Group Calls for an Independent Speed Watchdog
New government advice on lowering speed limits may lead to an increase in crashes.
495Cross-Party Proposal is Crass
Environmental Audit Commission report is based on a long list of false premises.
494 Direct Line`s Demands for Rural 40 Limit "Confused and Senseless"
ABD suggests a new survey from insurers Direct Line takes road safety `up a blind alley`.
493Latest Figures Show the Urgent Need for a New Direction in Road Safety
2005 road crash figures show clearly that current road safety policy needs to change.
492Real Stats Show Government Road Safety Policy Up a Blind Alley
Oxford University researchers show that the UK's roads are not getting safer.
491ABD Welcomes £15 Million Boost for Children's Cycling
Today`s announcement of an extra 15 million pounds for improved cycling facilities is very welcome, but where will the extra money be spent?
490Speed Humps Dumped in South Gloucestershire
Speed humps in Yate are to be removed after a successful campaign by local residents.
489Separate Control of Public and Private Transport
ABD call after Transport for London seeks to ban vehicles more than 8 years old entering London.
488'Green' Taxes will have No Measurable Effect on Global Warming
Growing Scientific Evidence Shows 'Green' Taxes will have No Measurable Effect on Global Warming.
487ABD Condemns Stradling Camera Report as 'Contrived'
Recent claims that speed cameras catch bad drivers are condemned as simplistic and contrived.
486ABD Calls for a Sliding-Scale Fuel Tax to combat rising oil prices
A sliding-scale fuel duty which falls as oil prices rise and increases when they drop in order to stabilise the cost of fuel.
485Cameron's green bandwagon takes a wrong turn in Norway
Cameron's trip to see a melting glacier on Svalbard is reminiscent of the discredited GreenPeace stunt of 2002.
484Increase in 4x4 Sales - British Public Reject Junk Climate Science
Despite hysteria and scaremongering over climate change, British public clearly not convinced by junk science.
483Camera Claim for M4 Accident Reduction Unfounded
ABD casts doubt over Wiltshire and Swindon Speed Camera Partnershipàs claims to have reduced accidents on the M4.
482233 More Cameras for the UK's Roads is Bad News for Road Safety
The DfT has allowed speed camera partnerships to erect more than two hundred new speed cameras.
481Budget Transport Taxes Unfair to Rural Communities, Families, Motorcyclists and LPG Users
Chancellor Brown's latest budget, the ABD believes, misses the mark on transport taxation.
480Does Your Breakdown Company Support You?
Some of the companies most relied upon by drivers may actually be campaigning against them.
479Global Cooling endorsed, ABD 'Freezelock' affirmed
Russian Expert Predicts Global Cooling from 2012. Affirms ABD 'Freezelock' scenario.
478Drivers Group Slams Police Bullying in Pursuit of Speeding Fines
The ABD deplores the way Greater Manchester Police is bullying motorists into pleading guilty to speeding charges.
477Galileo Signals End of Liberty in Europe
The first signals received from the oncoming swarm of Galileo satellites signal the end of liberty in Europe.
476ABD Condemns Cynical Use of Global Warming Fears
The Association of British Drivers deplores the way in which unfounded predictions of global warming disaster are being used to shore up controversial plans.
475Road safety group concerned about Doncaster's "Community Pace Car" scheme
The ABD is concerned about the Community Pace Car scheme initiated recently by Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council.
474Palin`s Hypocrisy Typical of Environmentalist Movement Claims ABD
Michael Palin is being pushed out of anti-car extremist group 'Transport 2000'.
473Forty Years on, Time for a Higher Speed Limit on Motorways
The ABD calls for the standard motorway speed limit to be raised to 80 mph.
472ABD Refutes Link Between New Roads and Traffic Growth
Claims that increasing highway capacity creates more traffic are totally false.
471Consensus Builds That Government Speed Policy Wrong
IAM issues its strongest ever attack on Government roads policy.
470Two Seconds To Live!
An ABD campaign to prevent rear end collisions
469Not Gridlock, Freezelock
There is convincing evidence that natural and inevitable climate change is about to lead to a period of colder weather.
468 Darling's Plan Gets the Green Light
A plan for vehicles to use alternative fuels such as quality gasohol and biodiesel is supported by the Association of British Drivers.
467Green Transport Pressure Group Bids to Make National Trust Properties Off Limit to Drivers
A motion to restrict access by car to NT properties is due to be debated at the AGM on Saturday 12 November in Brighton.
466Environmentally Friendly Vehicles? They Must Mean Cars.
The Department for Transport is hosting a conference in Birmingham concerning best practice on the development and commercialisation of clean, fuel-efficient vehicles.
465Environment Secretary Confused About Climate
Environment Secretary Mrs Margaret Beckett has asserted that the ultimate goal is for all countries to achieve a stable climate.
464Camera Re-Structure Only Scratches the Surface, says Drivers' Group
The restructure of the speed camera regime still leaves core issues of road safety unaddressed.
463Camera Partnership “Crash Stand” Accused of Shroud Waving and Commercial Insensitivity
The ABD condemns the West Midlands Safety Camera Partnershipàs "Crash" stand at the NEC International Motorcycle Show.
462New Careless Driving Law is Not a Deterrent
The new offence of causing death by careless driving will not make drivers more careful on the road.
461Darling Introduces Mobility Tax by the Back Door
Alistair Darling admits the Department for Transport is well-ahead with plans for the introduction of road user charging.
460Speed Awareness Courses "a PR Gimmick"
"Speed Awareness Courses" to be offered to those caught on camera at up to 39mph in 30mph limits.
459Tories Must Learn from Election Mistake of Ignoring Transport
ABD reminds prospective leadership candidates that the party could very likely have won the last election.
458Drivers Face 650% Increase in Speed Camera Prosecutions
New system could enable Speed Camera Partnerships to process 650% more prosecutions.
457ABD Predicts Misuse of In-Car Black Boxes
DfT announce they are considering fitting black boxes in cars.
456Tax to Blame for High Oil Prices, not OPEC
Chancellor Gordon Brown is misleading the public with his claim that the high price of oil is down to OPEC.
455Government Takes Motorists For a Ride on Petrol Tax
The ABD calls on Government to cease the outrageous practice of charging a tax on a tax.
454ABD Calls For a Sliding-Scale Fuel Tax to Combat Rising Oil Prices
The ABD calls for a sliding-scale fuel duty in order to stabilise the cost of motor fuel.
453Don`t Cry Wolf with Vehicle Activated Signs, says ABD
The ABD has today voiced its support for more Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS)
452Hidden Study Shows Speed Cameras Useless in Motorway Roadworks
A study published by the Transport Research laboratory, but not released to the public, has found that speed cameras do not make roadworks safer — for either workers or drivers.
451Direct Line Survey Misses The Point, Says Road Safety Group
ABD argues that Direct Line survey is in danger of being overly simplistic.
450DVLA 'Loses' a Third of Britain's Cars
DVLA reveal that almost a third of car registration documents are incorrect.
449New Research Undermines M4 Cameras
New research from the ABD today damned the M4 speed cameras as a massive mistake.
448Road Safety Group Welcomes Block on New Speed Cameras
ABD welcomes the Government`s block on the installation of 500 more speed cameras.
447Government to Rob Vital Transport Innovation Fund to Bribe Councils into Road Pricing
Darling announces plans to use £18 million to 'persuade' local authorities to impose road pricing schemes.
446Spain Opts For 'Positive Points' Instead of UK Style 'Punishment Points' For Drivers.
The ABD calls for the UK government to copy the new Spanish system of positive points for drivers.
445Darling's Satellite Road Pricing Scheme is a White Elephant, a Trojan Horse and a Red Herring, say Britain's Drivers
ABD condemns Alastair Darling's plans to track Britains drivers by satellite and charge them per mile.
444Drivers Group Calls For National Parking Regulator
ABD calls for the formation of a national parking regulator amidst revelations that privatised parking companies are running out of control.
443Proposals For £900 Car Tax Slammed As "Unnecessary, Unfair And Discriminatory"
ABD slams proposals to increase Road Tax to £900 per year on any car that does less than 35mpg
442Would Greenpeace Call for a Bus-Free Day in London?
A bus-free day would show Londoners that much of the city's pollution is not car-related?
441Road safety group welcomes Police driver`s acquittal
and says it`s time to stop prosecuting civilian drivers for trivial offences.
440M4 Camera Partnership in Cash for Questions Row
Camera Partnership tries to charge for information.
439ABD Hails Success Of M4 Speed Camera Protest
Around 400 vehicles demonstrate against the use of speed cameras on the M4.
438Fuel Taxes Bigger Burden Than Council Tax For Many
ABD ready reckoner reminds voters just how much they are paying in fuel taxes.
437ABD Backs M4 Protest
The Association of British Drivers have decided to give their full support to the M4 Protest Campaign.
436Open Letter to Michael Palin and Transport 2000
T2000 Transport Myths In Top Gear
435Wiltshire M4 Speed Camera Rip Off Shows Why Camera Partnerships Should be Abolished
Nothing to do with safety, everything to do with money
434Freedom, flexibility and affordability — which party will offer the UK the transport choices it so badly needs?
The ABD today called on political parties to put transport issues at the centre of their manifestos.
433ACPO in Speed Camera Disarray After Brunstrom Speaks Out
Rethink of Speed Policy Urgently Required
432Government Pedestrian Casualty Figures Overturn Public Perceptions on Speed and Bus Safety
Buses "Thirteen Times More Likely" to Knock Someone Down than "White Van Man"
431Drivers Urged to Have Their Say in Local Transport Planning
ABD calls on car users to get involved in choosing the policies that affect them.
430Edinburgh Delivers Body Blow to Road Pricing
"Sack Begg" says ABD as Congestion Charge Rejected in Scottish Capital
429Scamera Valentine Heartbreak
A cruel deception by the London 'Safety' Camera Partnership was today described as "sick and offensive" by the Association of British Drivers.
428'Speeding Epidemic' is Inevitable Result of Inappropriate Speed Limits
Today`s RAC report that the numbers of motorists admitting to breaking speed limits has increased should come as no surprise.
427"Pain Relief" for Motorists A Sure Vote Winner For All Parties
Political parties ignore transport issues at their peril, warns the ABD.
426Climate Change Conference 'Disaster for Mobility and Enterprise in 2005'
“pay us more tax and we'll control the climate”
425Plane Stupidity
ABD condemns police for using a spotter plane and helicopter in the nonsensical prosecution of a nursery nurse.
424ABD Condemns New Anti Roads Umbrella Group
ABD strongly condemns a new pressure group called Road Block.
423Lane Discipline, Not Lane Theft, Says ABD
Government proposals for High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes are 'lane theft'.
422ABD Demands End to Britain's Self Inflicted Parking Nightmare
Lack of parking spaces orchestrated "Quite deliberately".
421"Sticking Plaster" Road Safety Bill Shows Government Running Out of Ideas on Road Deaths
The Road Safety Bill is full of sticking plaster measures which illustrate how deep is the hole the Government have dug for themselves.
420Speed Limits Set to Criminalise Half of All Drivers
Government plans to change the way speed limits are calculated will mean that 50% of drivers would be exceeding the limits.
419Shrines Should Save Lives
ABD Calls for Shrines to Road Crash Victims to Save Lives by Telling People Why the Accident Happened
418Tired Driving A Far Bigger Problem Than Speeding
Is It A Result Of Government Policy?
417ABD Launches A Better Safety Strategy for Children
Transport 2000 & co. Must Stop Being "Part of The Problem"
416Don't Cross Near Cameras Says Road Safety Group
ABD today urged pedestrians to take extra care when crossing the road near speed cameras.
415DVLA Plan to Introduce Annual "Registration Tax" on all Vehicles
New Tax to Hit "Laid Up" Classics and Disabled Drivers.
414Camera Partnerships must come clean on real causes of accidents
ABD calls on the UK's Camera Partnerships to end their culture of secrecy.
413ABD calls for environmental audit of public transport yet latest air quality scare scapegoats cars
Air quality health concerns "overblown and unjustifiable", says drivers' group.
412Foundation stone of "Speed Kills" Abandoned by DfT
Department for Transport abandons one of the key foundations of the "Kill Your Speed" policy.
411We Are Not Amused
North Wales Police send two men to see how Victoria Police in Australia use speed cameras.
410New Speed Camera Rules Are an Extension of Failing and Dangerous Policy
New rules allow cameras to be sited anywhere on a road where there has been an injury.
409ABD Calls For Restraint Over Fuel Duty
Claimed environmental basis for higher levels of fuel duty is fatally flawed.
408Tory Safer Roads Policies Doomed to Failure
... Unless the False Arguments Behind Camera Policy are Debunked.
407ABD Supports "Killer Pillars" investigation by Safe Speed and Bike Magazine
Windscreen pillars in modern cars are likely to be causing crashes by obscuring drivers vision.
406Tailgating Problem More Complex Than It Appears
The road safety issue of 'driving too close' is more complex that first appears.
405Road Safety Group Calls for Independent Speed Camera Investigation
Norfolk's speed camera chief, Barry Parnell, resigns
404Go Green, Go By Car
"At present a family of four going by car is about as environmentally friendly as you can get"
403Increased Road Deaths Figures Demolish Darling's Camera Claims
We're Killing 100 more, not 100 less
402Latest Camera Whitewash from the Government
Drivers' Lives made a misery for nothing
401Walking and Cycling Need Better Roads
Government "Walking Strategy" Makes "Ministry of Silly Walks" look Sensible!
400ABD Calls For End to Speed Camera Spin
ABD calls for full statistics to be made available for every speed camera site.
399Speed Danger Not About Numbers
The UK has the highest fuel prices in Europe and 59p of an 80p pump price goes to the government.
398Chancellor Must Cut Fuel Taxes Now!
The UK has the highest fuel prices in Europe and 59p of an 80p pump price goes to the government.
397OAPs are the safest drivers says road safety organisation
ABD challenges drivers to sharpen up their road safety skills by being OAPs.
396Training in Place of Licence Points Welcome
... but Courses May Have Dubious Content and Target the Wrong Drivers.
395ABD Condemns Jamieson Speed Camera Whitewash
ABD reacts to Jamieson's astounding assertion that speed cameras are positioned for safety reasons.
394ABD Demands an End to Road Crash Secrecy
Full details of all serious accidents MUST be in the public domain
393Another Police Chief Condemns Camera Partnerships
Camera Partnerships Must be Disbanded Now, says ABD
392"Cruise Missiles" A Bigger Factor In Sleep Crashes Than Tiredness
Speed Limiters and Slower Speeds the Real Culprits.
391ABD Welcomes Exposure Of Flawed Speed Camera Rules
DfT guidelines only allow speed cameras to be installed where the speed limit is too low.
390Stop The Parking Wars!
End "Parking Fine Piecework" say Drivers
389ABD Echoes Call For Drugs Clampdown On The Roads
ABD expresses concerns that BRAKE may be inadvertently sending the wrong message to drivers.
388Speed Camera Accuracy in Doubt Following Successful Appeal
Driver sent speeding ticket for 51 mph when he was actually travelling at 14 mph.
387Tolls Make for Inefficient Use of Roadspace
The ABD welcomes the full opening of the M6 Toll this week.
386ABD Calls for a Return to Calm Debate on Road Safety
After Times article alleges "death threats", and 'Brake' Press Release labels anyone opposing cameras as "bully boys".
38530MPH Speed Limits On Many Rural Roads Declared Illegal
Driver found not guilty because the speed limit did not legally exist
384ABD "Disappointed" by Negative Response of Fellow Road Safety Group "Brake" to Speed Camera Debate
"Brake" have responded aggressively and negatively to a debate on Radio 4
383Flawed Government Policy Leads To Increase In Drink Driving
Don't drink and Drive this Christmas, and be careful that you are not over the limit the next morning"
382ABD calls for an end to Speed Camera Secrecy
ABD calls on Mr Darling to restore public confidence in the system
381Britain's worst speed camera must go!
ABD locates Britain's worst speed camera lurking in North Wales.
3804 Weeks Until Mobile Legislation Comes into Force
40% of British drivers are still unaware that hand-held mobiles will be banned while driving.
379Daylight Robbery on the M4
Blundering safety camera partnership admits "mistake" in siting speed camera outside the limit it was enforcing.
378Lay Off Rally Fans!
ABD condemns plans by Mid & South Wales Safety Camera Partnership to target drivers attending the Wales Rally GB.
377Government Plans For More Mobility Taxes Unnecessary
The ABD today condemned plans to increase the £45 billion tax burden on the UK's drivers as unreasonable and unjust.
376"Speed Camera Policy Responsible For 5500 Deaths" says the ABD
The reduction in broad-based road safety education and police traffic patrols has been accompanied by the loss of over 5000 lives.
375Derbyshire Speed Camera Partnership don't know their limits
Road safety advice published by Derbyshire "Safety" Camera Partnership shows the wrong speed limits.
374ABD Incredulous at Fire Engine Speed Limits
ABD responds to speed limits imposed on fire engines in the West Midlands.
373ABD Welcomes Realism From ‘Roadpeace’
... and Calls for a New Direction in Road Safety
372ABD Supports "Don't Be A Tosser" Campaign
ABD wholeheartedly supports new 'Keep Britain Tidy' campaign.
371'Quiet Lanes' Initiative Dangerously Flawed Say ABD
The ABD warns that quiet lanes may not be as wonderful as they sound.
370Thames Valley Police Want 70% of Drivers to Stop Driving
ABD condemns Thames Valley Police statement that "If drivers cannot stay within the speed limits then they should give up their licence."
369Speed Humps Must Go!
£4 million of new ambulances are sitting idle because they cannot get over speed humps.
368Lower Speeds, but More Deaths Than Expected for Fifth Year
More people than expected are dying despite fall in vehicle speeds.
367ABD Calls For End to Talivan Confusion
Every 'Safety Camera Partnership' seems to have its own ideas about vehicle livery.
366Drivers Condemn Birmingham Bus Lane Bungle
ABD condemns Birmingham City Council for enforcing experimental bus lanes after they expired.
365ABD Calls for End to Crossover Accidents
The ABD believes that lives could be saved by safety improvements in motorway construction.
364Satellite Road Charging Proposals Make British Families into Scapegoats
Darling's satellite road charging proposals make British families into scapegoats for government's transport policy failings
3634x4 Ban is Gesture Politics that Ignores the Real Issues
Lib dem MP suggests 4x4s should be banned from the school run and supermarket trips.
362ABD Condemns Dangerous Government Hard Shoulder Proposal
Plans to allow drivers to use hard shoulder show breathtaking lack of understanding.
361ABD Calls For Speed Cameras To Play An Educational Role
ABD proposal for a Government clearly more committed to revenue than safety: at least make speed cameras educational.
360Minister's Statement "Inaccurate and Mischievous"
Road Safety Minister David Jamieson continues to deny the facts on speed.
359Speed Limit Signs Inadequate, Says Drivers' Group
Signs showing what speed limits are in force often fail to meet the legal minimum requirements.
358ABD Calls the Bluff of Profiteering Councils
We invite councils to donate all parking fine profits to charity.
357Put Safety Before Cash, Says ABD
ABD calls on Government to replace speed cameras with electronic warning signs.
356Six Million Drivers Face Fines for Using `Wrong Type of Hands-Free Device'
ABD responds to proposed Government ban on in-car mobile phones which includes most popular hands-free kits.
355Highway Code Should be Sent to All
The ABD calls for a copy of the Highway Code to be sent to all road users.
354Kengestion Spreading To Outer London
Ken Livingstone has further plans in mind to bring traffic chaos to outer London..
353Courts Too Soft On Potentially Lethal 'Joyriders'
ABD calls for joy-riding offences to be taken more seriously, with tougher sentences on conviction.
352Government Misses the Target by Miles
Despite clamp downs on ordinary people, both gun crime and road fatalities are on the increase.
351A45 Cameras Must Go!
ABD demands removal of two speed cameras on the A45 after accident blackspot was removed.
350Right Idea, Wrong Drivers, Says ABD
Motorists caught speeding in Northampton will be able to go on a driving course instead of getting points.
34998% of Drivers Think Speed Limits are Too Low
A recent survey from insurance company Peoples Choice found 98% of drivers regularly exceed the speed limit.
348Wasted Bus Lanes Should Be Put to Good Use Says ABD
All over the country traffic congestion is being caused by the installation of bus lanes where once there was free flowing traffic.
347Plan for Decongesting Roads Approved
The ABD nominates Mr Ian Beesley to be one of Alistair Darling's Transport Directors.
346ABD Calls For Controlled 15mph Limits Near Schools
Forcing drivers near schools to travel at 20mph all the time will not improve safety.
345ABD Gives Guarded Welcome to Tory Plans to End War on the Motorist
Tim Collins made some valid points in his address to the Conservative Party conference yesterday.
344ABD Welcomes Enlightened Surrey Police Chief's Initiative
Chief Superintendent Bill Harding of Surrey Police plans to concentrate on educating drivers.
343ABD Calls For Urgent Action On Child Fatalities
Child fatalities increased last year despite the millions of pounds spent on anti-speed campaigns.
342ABD Calls for Unbiased Reporting on the Car and the Environment
As environmental hot air from the Earth Junket dies down, the ABD calls for more open and unbiased coverage of environmental issues relating to energy use by transport and industry.
341ABD Condemns the UK 'Roads to Nowhere' Approach
Road building and maintenance in the UK are at crisis levels, caused largely by political subservience to unsubstantiated environmentalist scaremongering.
340Scrapping Speed Cameras and Speed Traps Equals Better Road Safety, Says the ABD
The ABD calls for an immediate U-turn in the failing road safety policy that has seen more speed cameras and more speed traps but also more road deaths.
339ABD Calls For An End To Computer Errors
Time to stop unreliable climate models being used to impose ever greater burdens on private transport.
338Global Warming Myth Costs The Earth
Neither fuel duty nor the climate change levy do anything except increase the financial burden on citizens and businesses.
337Environmental Awareness Begins at Home
With enterprise and mobility under threat, quality of life in the UK and beyond will plummet under proposals to tax conventional energy production and private transport off the planet.
336Drivers Welcome A66 Improvements
The ABD has welcomed the government's announcement to upgrade the A66 between Scotch Corner and Penrith to dual carriageway.
335Don't Phone Home
The Association of British Drivers has criticised plans to impose a total ban on the use of hand held mobile phones whilst driving.
334Brunstrom Prefers Robots to Cops
The ABD has condemned Richard Brunstrom, Chief Constable of North Wales, and ACPO spokesman on road policing, after he called for more speed cameras and supported a reduction in police traffic patrols.
333Government Plans To Hike Road Tax "Cynical And Unfair"
Government plans to raise VED on 4x4 vehicles to help meet CO2 emission targets are unjustified and unnecessary.
332ABD Supports Calls For M25 Widening
Widening of the M25 to at least 4 lanes throughout is long overdue.
331Vegetation Kills!
Vulnerable road users placed in serious danger by local authorities neglecting their duty to cut back overgrown hedging.
330"Sensible" EU Motor Insurance Proposals To Be Extended?
Possible additions to EU plans to make car drivers liable for all accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists.
The ABD treats one of the most unjust anti-car and anti-driver proposals from Brussels with the disrespect it deserves.
329ABD Calls For Experts To Set Speed Limits
The Association of British Drivers calls for an independent body of road safety experts to take over the setting of speed limits.
328Call Us For Permission To Drive, Says Council
Edinburgh is proposing a scheme where drivers would have to phone the council for permission to drive into the city!
327Speed Camera Siting And Visibility Rules "Essential For Safety"
Transport Select Committee "Clueless" About Road Safety.
326More Speed Cameras, More Deaths
Latest figures show number of people killed on roads has gone UP since the spread of speed cameras.
325Covert Speed Enforcement Must Go!
ABD calls for new rules for speed cameras to be applied nationally.
324Darling's First Gaffe
Mr Darling would be well advised to establish the facts relating to his new job before making pronouncements.
323ABD Hopes For A Sensible Approach From New Transport Secretary Alistair Darling
ABD guardedly welcomes Darling just as government appears to recognise what the ABD have been saying for years.
322Traffic Chaos, Frustration And Danger Predicted At New Wolverhampton Sainsburys
Drivers group to fight for adequate parking and safe pedestrian facilities.
321Good Thinking, Says ABD
The ABD welcomes the new 'Think!' road safety ad in which a motorcycle is shown colliding with a car.
320'Biased' Chairman Of Climate Panel Ousted
The Chairman of the IPCC, Robert Watson, has been ousted by a vote of 75 nations to 49.
319ABD Call for Cuts in Fuel Tax as Traffic Growth Falls by 40%
As fuel prices rise again ABD reminds Gordon Brown that fuel prices in the UK are way above those in Europe.
318Bypasses Can 'Protect The Environment'
A three year study on the environmental impact of the Newbury Bypass has shown that it has actually protected the environment.
317ABD Solves Tube Overcrowding Problem!
The ABD announces solution to the tricky problem of overcrowding on London's creaking tube network.
316ABD Welcomes Government Waking Up To Tired Driving
ABD welcomes new road safety advertising campaign on the effects of falling asleep at the wheel.
315ABD Asks "What Traffic Duties?"
As Blunkett tells Police to remove officers from traffic duties to fight street crime the ABD asks 'What traffic duties?'
314Association of British Drivers Supports Right to Silence
Idris Francis seeks to restore to drivers a fundamental legal right.
313Association of British Drivers Seeks Answers On Asthma
With the recent publication of research findings 'proving' that traffic pollution causes asthma, the ABD asks four questions.
312ABD Gains Support with the Launch of Parliamentary Bill and BRAKE Report
The ABD welcomes support for its recently launched campaign for "Clear Signing" and appropriately set limits.
311Government Must Wipe The Sleep From Its Eyes On Safe Driving
Publicity on the dangers of driving whilst tired highlights the dangers of the government's single minded approach to road safety.
310ABD Exposes Flaws In Minister's Pronouncement
Meacher shows he has no grasp of science by statement which flies in the face of the facts.
309ABD Welcomes Bright Idea
ABD welcomes new Government guidelines requiring all speed cameras to be made visible to drivers.
308Speed Limit Signs, Clarity and Safety
ABD calls for government to re-think policies on setting and signing speed limits.
307Norfolk Claims Blue Cameras Are Green
An argument over the colour of speed cameras in Norfolk shows that the government must step in.
306When Is Dark Blue A Bright Colour? When It Makes Money!
Police forces around the country are ignoring Government promises to paint speed cameras in bright colours.
305Don't smile ... your car's on camera again
The Government now plans to use roadside digital cameras to catch and prosecute drivers who haven't paid VED.
304ABD Condemns The Government's Latest Pointless Attack On Car Users
Meacher expects Local authorities to halve the level of particulate emissions by restricting car use.
303ABD Welcomes £3M Investment In Children's Road Safety
The Association of British Drivers is delighted to welcome the Government's investment in additional road safety training for children.
302Report Explodes Myths On Transport & Health
'Few traffic reduction measures are justifiable on health grounds' says report.
301See It - Miss It!
An effective road safety campaign is proposed by the Association of British Drivers.
300Police Officer With Vision Leads The Way
First Cracks Appear in Police Speed Camera Policy.
299Canada Shows The Way
British Columbia scraps speed cameras.
298Media Banned From Speed Camera Conference
Northamptonshire Police ban the Press from their Speed Camera Conference.
297Hitting the Child but Missing the Point
The Government's new road safety ad sends the wrong message, says drivers' group.
296"Speed Kills!" - A Dismal Failure In Reducing Accidents!
Trends in new national road accident figures are disappointing.
295Drivers Demand Speed Camera Tyrant Surrender His Driving Licence     Cymraeg≡Welsh
North Wales Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom admits breaking the speed limit.
294ABD Asks: Whose Side Are They On?
The Police declare war - on Britain's drivers.
293ABD Welcomes Cabinet Re-Shuffle
Cabinet re-shuffle offers "new hope" for Britain's beleaguered drivers.
292ABD Calls for Education, Education, Education Policy to be Extended to Drivers
The ABD calls on Labour to denounce the proposals for PUNISHMENT, PUNISHMENT, PUNISHMENT for drivers at safe speeds.
291Strong Evidence In Favour Of A Higher Speed Limit On Motorways
The Association of British Drivers has called for the standard motorway speed limit to be raised to 80 mph.
290Minister admits Police targeting Drivers instead of Real Criminals
Charles Clarke has inadvertently confirmed that motorists are intentionally being targeted by the Police.
289Magistrates losing patience with speeding policy
... as Road Safety industry loses touch with reality.
288ABD Reveals Drivers' Stealth Tax Rip-off
Using figures from the Centre for Policy Studies, the ABD has shown that 25% of the Government stealth tax burden falls firmly on drivers.
287Global Warming Stone Cold Dead
With global warming stone cold dead, road tax and fuel prices must fall, says the ABD.
286Proposed Outer London Orbital
ABD Calls For Integrated Transport Investment as Highways Agency tells people not to use its roads.
285Homezones about political correctness, not road safety, says drivers group.
The Government's planned £30 million spend on Homezones is unlikely to improve road safety, said the ABD today.
284Sign Of The Times
The RAC's recent survey of road sign recognition is worrying but not surprising, says the ABD.
ABD warns of trouble ahead for Government as health and safety worries continue to dog public transport.
282Association of British Drivers Condemns Prescott's Folly
John Prescott plans to wreak havoc on the traffic flow around Trafalgar Square.
281Watch Out For Walkers, Cyclists And Horse Riders
Foot & Mouth disease means more walkers, cyclists and horse riders on the roads.
280Drivers Disappoint Council and Police
No Cash Bonanza in Nottingham Speed Camera Fiasco
279ABD Supports New "What If?" Training Video
But there's no government money available to make new drivers up to seven times safer
278Too Little Too Late, Says ABD
Fuel cuts add insult to injury.
277ABD Attacks Half Baked Rural Speed Limit Reductions
And Shows How Safety Loses out to Anti-Car Politics in the CPRE.
276ABD Launches Membership Drive
In the face of unprecedented hostility toward the British motorist, the ABD launches an easy subscription membership.
275Doomsday Global Warming Scenarios - Fact Or Fiction?
As UK motorists continue to face sky-high levels of fuel duty the ABD has learnt that a small number of Governments were responsible for doomsday scenarios being added at the last minute to the latest Report from the IPCC.
274Association Of British Drivers Forecast: Storm Brewing Over Global Warming
As global warming activists continue to pour out information pollution, the ABD casts serious doubt on any blame for climate change attached to mankind's activities.
273Speed Camera Funding Trial Not The Success Claimed
Statistical Chicanery exposed by ABD
272Some Sense On Speed - At Last!
ABD applaud the common sense applied by traffic officers in the recent case of the Surrey Chief Constable
271ABD Condemns Labour Hypocrisy On Fuel
The Association of British Drivers condemns Government hypocrisy.
270Advertising Kills?
The Association of British Drivers welcomes the removal of semi pornographic posters from the roadside.
269ABD Exposes Britain's Top Ten Speed Camera Abuses
Misuse of speed cameras set to escalate to new heights as fine money to be kept.
268Government Engages The Wrong Enemy
The number of speed cameras on the roads of England and Wales is set to double under provisions in the new Vehicle Crimes Bill.
267Road Safety or Revenue?
The ABD today questions the motives behind speed cameras.
266Hot Air In Holland
As the global warming industry meets in Holland, the ABD calls for an open debate about the true causes of climate change.
265ABD Highlights Double Standards
On day two of the fuel protestors 'Jarrow March', the ABD highlights double standards from the government and police.
264ABD Condemns Red Ken's 'Eco-Disaster' As Drivers Face Rip-Off Charges
The ABD condemns Livingstone's fireworks display, planned for New Year's Eve, as 'an eco-disaster'.
263Extreme Weather And Global Cooling
Efforts to blame weather problems on global warming are misleading.
262Dome Admits Anti-Car Policy A Failure
In large advertisements in today's press, the Dome has been declared a "Car-Friendly Zone" for November.
261ABD Links Rail Disaster To "Pot Hole Britain" And Unrealistic Speeds
The ABD today draws parallels between the deeply regrettable rail accident in Hertfordshire and accidents on the roads of the UK.
260ABD Warns Of Slide To Soviet Regime As Green Pressure On Blair Mounts
The Association of British Drivers urges Tony Blair to ignore hysterical 'anti-car' scaremongering".
259'Car Free' Communities - a Concept in Crisis
Social re-engineering attempts failing as expected.
258ABD Calls For All Road Fuel Users To Remain United
Don't let Gordon and Tony get away with "Divide and Rule".
257Fuel Tax "Just The Tip Of The Iceberg" Of Anti Car Measures
There Are Many More Anti Car Measures The Public Should be Just as Angry About.
254ABD Condemns Double Standards In Traffic Policing
One rule for politicians or the police, another for the public...
253ABD Condemns Government's "Do as we say, not as we do" attitude to drivers
The ABD condemns the decision to take no action against Jack Straw's driver...
252Nottingham Speed Cameras Useless For Safety
Time/Distance system is a Hypocrites' Charter and a Revenue Raiser
251ABD Urge Police To Target Enforcement On Dangerous Behaviour
Time to End Mass Speeding Prosecutions, say Drivers' Road Safety Group
250Prescott Pledges £180 Billion Bribe
But "New" Roads Spending is Only Reversing Some of Previous Cuts
249Poll On Transport Issues Reveals Scale Of Public Deception
The ABD dismisses the findings of a recent poll ...
248ABD Blasts "Out Of Touch" Transport 2000 Attitude To Fuel Tax Protests
T2000 claims the campaign against high fuel tax is led by "extreme motoring groups"
247New Fuel Tax Campaign Launched By Drivers Group
"Show The Fuel Tax" Says the ABD
246Red Ken's Hypocrisy Condemned
London Mayor joins Blair in ABD Hall of Shame.
245Blair Fuel Tax Outburst "Emotional Blackmail", Says ABD
Cynical Cash Grab Motive for Fuel Taxes Exposed by PM
244Cheating Chancellor Punishes Pensioners And Mugs Motorists
ABD Exposes Double Standards On Inflation Figures - Heads Gordon Wins - Tails Everyone Else Loses!
243Oxford Anniversary Brings Tears To Traders
Reverse Oxford Anti-Car Scheme NOW!
242Driver Persecution Enters New Waters
First it was Kit Kats, now its Mineral Water!
241Police Over-Reaction Causes Cheltenham Chaos
As Britain's police force are again pilloried for targeting a thirsty driver taking a sip of water at a traffic light, the ABD reveals a much larger scale misuse of police resources.
240DETR To Launch New "Think! Road Safety" Campaign On 1 June
New "Think! Road Safety" Campaign A Step In The Right Direction - But Speed Focus Still Far Too General.
239Let's get people driving safer, not just slower says leading drivers' group
The Association of British Drivers, the UK's leading independent drivers' group, today called for road safety organisations and the government to re-think their strategies on safe driving.
238Is Anti Speed Policy Hurting Police Morale?
Senior Police Officers "Losing the Plot" on Speed Issues
237Global Cooling - But The Motorist Is Still Mugged  .
Extreme Weather Linked to Sunspot Activity, not Transport Emissions
236Westminster Riots Linked To Anti Car Views
...philosophy behind them worryingly close to Government policy.
235No Need To Restrict Cars Because Of Air Pollution, Says TRL
"Restrictions on cars on air quality grounds have been shown not to be warranted" (TRL report 431)
234Blunkett 'In A Spin' Over School Run
ABD Condemns Attack on Freedom of Choice for Mothers
233Brown Listens To ABD On 1100cc Road Tax Cutoff
But Hammers Commuters With Petrol Tax if they Drive and Stamp Duty if they Move
232Government Fails To Meet 2000 Road Safety Target As Casualties Have Actually Risen
So Why Does it Think it Can Meet 2010 Target Using the Same Methods?
231Government-Backed Propaganda Campaign Steps Up A Gear As Teachers Face Environmental Indoctrination
Environment Agency 'briefings' aim to 'educate' geography teachers about global warming. The Association of British Drivers (ABD) warns of the dire need to educate the Environment Agency on the causes of climate change.
230Anti-Speed Protesters "Misguided" About Road Accidents
Focus on Speed "Could Worsen Road Safety" Says Leading Drivers' Group
228Government Mobile Phone Campaign Nearly Right
It is good news that the Government has at last recognised that there is more to road safety than speed
227Government And Greens Mislead Public On Air Quality
No Need to Restrict Car Use on Pollution Grounds
226The Association of British Drivers Says: Can Milan's Ban     Italiano≡Italian
News that Milan is 'telling cars to stay out so that people can breathe' is yet another illustration of the unsubstantiated claims surrounding car emissions and health. The ABD argues that this advice belongs in the trash can of failed environmental scaremongering.
225Speed Limiter Devices Signal a Return of The Red Flag Act  .
- and Leeds University research actually shows this!
Scheme to force external control of vehicle speeds will cause road carnage.
222What's Left Of Transport Economics?
Government in Cynical Attempt to use Safety to Justify War on Drivers
221Prescott's answer to 'bread and circuses' - 'tax and buses'.
The Government's new Transport Bill presents the UK's drivers with a stark option - get onto the bus, or pay even more to use your car.
220ABD Welcomes Decision To Scrap Speed Limit Cuts
The ABD today welcomed reports that despite opposition from green groups the Government has scrapped plans to cut the national speed limits from 60mph to 50mph on the open road and from 30mph to 20mph in towns.
218Panorama Rail Shambles Shows Drivers Being Caned For Nothing
Time to Stop Taking our Transport Infrastructure For Granted
216Cool Heads Needed In Warming Debate
Climate change is a normal and natural phenomenon; attention-grabbing headlines should be saved for when there is NO climate change as this would be unprecedented.
215New Mobility Taxes hit drivers
Labour further reinforced its anti-car credentials with a series of new tax attacks on drivers in today's Queen's Speech that could add a further £1,150 to every driver's tax bill. Drivers already pay around £1,300 in car taxes each year.
213Government Tells Nurses to Get on their Bikes
New plans to slash parking will force nurses, students and people visiting hospitals to use public transport, walk or cycle.
212Children To Swallow Green Diet
Safety Under Threat
211Canadian Government Rejects Cut In Drink Drive Limit
The ABD Urges the British Government to Follow Suit
210Advanced Drivers Condemn National Anti Speed Proposals
ABD Calls on Drivers to Oppose Local Limit Reductions, Too
209Fourteen Charities' Efforts To Stop Outcry Against Draconian Anti Speed Measures "Ill Informed And Wrong"
Anti-Speed Campaign Always Based on Rocky Reasoning - Now Yet Another Official Report Backs This Position
208Yet Another Draconian Tax On Driving Proposed At Labour Conference
New Town Driving Tax Will Leave Drivers £260 a Year Worse Off
207Family Favourites Face Flawed Fine - £500 Exhaust Pipe Tax Proposed
This is a Tax on Children's Safety and a Tax on Car Ownership
20aDrivers Fuming at Misdirected Emissions Tests
Exhaust Testing For Cars Unjust While Polluting Buses Remain Untouched
206ABD Joins Other Motoring Groups in Strong Criticism of Police Chief Manning
and demands a sea change in road safety policy
205One Sided "Experts" Have Created an Unpopular, Ineffective and Damaging Transport Policy
ABD tells Blair and Prescott - time to go back to the drawing board.
204BBC shows NaÔve Political Correctitude in its Attitude to Global Warming
Scientific Evidence Raises Serious Doubts About the Role of Man in Climate Change
203SVDD Cameras Will Not Make Our Roads Safer
New Camera System Kills "Accident Blackspot" Assurances Dead
202Prescott Cuts The Hypocrisy And Admits He Loves Cars
So Why is Government Policy Still Anti-car?
201Cars "Cashpoints On Wheels" Under Labour's Transport Plans
Exclusion of the Car From "Integrated Transport" Ensures Failure of Transport Policy
200Global Warming Conference Delegates Challenged By ABD
Pro-Car Campaigners "Staggered" to Find Agreement on Global Warming Scepticism
199Drivers' Group Reacts With Anger To Toll Trials
Another Nail in the Coffin of Britain's Transport System
198Man Made Global Warming "Consensus Of Opinion" Falling Apart
Two reports show natural climate change looking more likely
197Reports on W.H.O. Report Misleading
Three Key Points About Particulates and Health Missed
196ABD Welcomes New Bridge over A45 at Meriden
A Demonstration of the Failure of Speed Reduction Measures
195Fallacy of "Speed Kills" Exposed by Authoritative Report
First Proper Investigation of Accident Causation Backs ABD Position. (TRL report 323)
194Education Department Plans "Green" Indoctrination
Schoolchildren to be "Educated" in Anti-Car Junk Science.
193All Party Commons Group Targets Drivers With Yet More New Taxes
Anti-Car MPs To Make Driving Exclusively For The Rich.
192Government Rejects Sensible Advice On Speed Limits
The Government is indicating that Local Authorities will be given the right to introduce 20mph speed limits wherever they like ...
190Hushed Government Report Slams Public Transport
The ABD reveals that a little known Audit Commission report, entitled "All Aboard, a review of local transport and travel in urban areas outside London" slams public transport as "expensive, unreliable and inconvenient."
189Scotland Yard Memo Vindicates ABD Campaign
Police predict "Anarchy in the UK" as a result of anti car measures.
188Air Quality Improving: Institute of Economic Affairs
187Police Admit: Speed Cameras are for Revenue Raising
186Gordon Brown's "Small Car" Tax Scam exposed by ABD
185Prescott wrong to blame car drivers for coral bleaching
183Misleading and Alarmist Study Condemned
182Pedestrianisation Scheme Protests Continue
181Truckers' Protest "the Only Way"
180Brown's Budget Hits Drivers as Predicted
177Britains's Roads Crumbling
176EVO Magazine and the ABD expose the truth about speed
175Why Urban Road Pricing Proposals Must be Resisted
174Drivers urged not to drink this Christmas
172Roads Minister Whitty still undecided about Alcohol limit reduction
171ABD scepticism about "Air quality deaths" vindicated
170ABD Membership Doubles in Six Months
168Prescott puts his foot in Global Warming
167Transport Minister Reid in Asthma Gaffe
166'Reassessment' of statistics claims summer time would save 160 lives
165Road Safety Week Shoots Itself in the Foot
161Rural groups hijacked by anti-car campaigners
160Anti-car Highways Agency in Stealth plan for 50mph Motorway Limit
155Flawed variable speed limits to be extended to Birmingham and Manchester
153Increased Road Casualties for 1997 show that "Kill Your Speed" policy is a failure
133ABD denounces ACPO’s proposals for more Gatsos
127Road traffic campaigners’ ‘trap’ revealed
126Plan to tax car parking unjust and unjustifiable
125ABD’s response to the Government’s Integrated Transport Policy Discussion Document
123US evidence refutes banal “Speed kills” message
122Time to challenge Friends of the Earth
121Drivers condemn road cuts
120Government continues failed road safety policies
106Government policy more damaging than bombs
105RAC abandons the motorist
104M25 Variable Speed Limit Trials
102Lib Dem / FoE ally to drive you out of your car
101Low non-urban speed limits cost lives  

ABD London Press Releases

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