London, 2 Mar 2007.
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Toll Tax Zones 'a tax on city living'
The Association of British Drivers rejects the government's proposed zonal system of road pricing as 'a tax on city living'.

Under the proposals revealed by Stephen Ladyman, drivers would be taxed by zone as with the London Congestion Charge. Zones would consist of concentric circles around a city, with tolls becoming more expensive nearer the centre. The toll within a zone would be the same, irrespective of whether the road was congested or not.
ABD Spokesman Nigel Humphries commented:
"The government is already back-tracking on its claim that road pricing is designed to reduce congestion by proposing a charge unrelated to the congestion of the road."
The proposal will drive more people and businesses out of cities and into the countryside. This is exactly the opposite of what the government has been trying to achieve with its city living initiatives over recent years.
Humphries added:
"Ministers have been so upset by the level of public resentment of road pricing, that they are now running around like headless chickens coming up with ever more bizarre ideas."
ABD Chairman Brian Gregory said:
"The government are still unable to grasp the simple fact that Britain's drivers will not accept road pricing in any form."


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