London, 19 Jun 2005.
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Spain Opts For 'Positive Points' Instead of UK Style 'Punishment Points' For Drivers.
The ABD today calls for the UK government to copy the new Spanish system of positive points for drivers.
ABD Road Safety Spokesman Mark McArthur-Christie explained:
"We are pleased to see the Spanish government introducing a measure the ABD has long proposed for the UK ( para 5). Under the new system in Spain existing drivers will start with a tally of 12 points with points being deducted when offences causing risk occur. New drivers will start with 8 points rising after 3 years offence and accident free. Good drivers will be able to increase the number of points on their licence. After 3 years conviction free they will gain 2 points and a further 3 years gains a further point. Four points will be awarded for those taking further driver training courses."
McArthur-Christie continued:
"This system has the huge benefit of giving incentives for drivers and riders to take training before they have a crash or commit an offence, something that has been severely lacking in the UK. Current practice only sends drivers on training courses after the event. Training is seen as part of their punishment. Responsible drivers who drive safely or choose to take advanced training of their own volition get no recognition from the authorities."
The ABD urges the new road safety minister to urgently consider introducing a similar system in the UK. The organisation strongly believes that a carrot and stick approach to road safety will achieve far better results than that of recent years that has relied only on the stick, a system that has failed dismally to reduce fatalities.


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