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Use Twitter to stay informed on the latest news affecting drivers; and send us a message to inform us of anything happening in your area.
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What's Twitter?
Twitter is a 'micro-blogging' site. It is used to quickly send out brief updates to everyone who is following you.

You can use Twitter as a personalized news feed, receiving updates from people and organizations whose activities you are interested in. Unlike mainstream media who feed you a deluge of information, most of which most people are not interetsed in, Twitter allows you to choose what information you want to receive.

Whatever your interests, you will find interesting people to follow on Twitter from all around the world.

What makes it infintely better than RSS is that you can reply to people, and easily pass on other people's tweets with the click of a button.

We use it to post items of interest to drivers, and information about our campaigning activities.

# Tags

By placing hash tags in your tweets you can make it easy for other people to search for topics. Hash tags are simply a word or UnspacedWords preceeded by a hash.

Here are some ABD related hash tags we and others might use from time to time. They are also Twitter search links that open a new tab/window.

Also names of counties, towns, motorway/road numbers, etc.
You can get updates in many ways:
Other Twitterers
Here are some driving related UK Twitterers you might like to follow too:
(All these links open in a new tab/window) To find other people or organisations you might like to follow, check who we are following, our list of followers, and people on our lists.
You can also search on Twitter for things local to you, such as your local police force, council, newspaper, radio station, traffic information, etc.
Using geo-location aware iPhone apps, you can even search for people near to you.
And please, Don't Tweet Whilst Driving — apart from being pretty stupid, it only gives politicians and the press something to blather on about. You know what they're like…