It would seem that some people fail to perceive the satirical tone of this page — written by an experienced motorcyclist and road safety campaigner — which seeks to warn motorcyclists about the foolish actions of some drivers and what can be done to avoid being injured. So we've added a few emoticons to make things clearer.
Other road user makes foolish move.
Motorcyclist is shocked because move has not been anticipated.
Welcome to the world of motorcycling

You have control of acceleration motorists can only dream about.

You can pass through gaps in congestion that others are unaware of.

Unlike the motorist you have the freedom to travel through congestion as well as on the open road.

The motorcycle has many advantages over the car and you can now utilise them all.

You are a member of the brotherhood of motorcyclists.

You are now in a position to feel pity for the motorist still stuck with the problems you have left behind.

The Motorist

When emerging from a junction, or turning right, a motorist has little acceleration and is forced to take chances, especially on busy roads.
With your speed and acceleration you can now ride straight into him.

It is a basic fact of motoring that, in congestion, the other lane is always travelling faster.
To make progress in congestion the motorist has to constantly change lanes.
With your ability to filter through gaps you can, again, ride straight into him.

Pedestrians and Cyclists

Both of these suffer from low rates of acceleration and have to take chances when on the highway.
Your ability to accelerate rapidly through unseen gaps gives you the ability to collide with both.

Speed Kills?

The point of similarity in all the above is lack of speed and acceleration.
Due to low speed they can (and do) all change direction rapidly and unexpectedly.


The more use you make of your speed and acceleration the less manoeuvrable you are and the less choices you have.
Safe use of speed relies on your ability to prophesy that the piece of road that you are committed to travelling will remain empty.
Lack of speed in those around you severely reduces this ability.

Your Rights

You have the power and ability to get into all these situations, and probably stay within the law.
They will all introduce you to one of the bodies defence mechanisms — pain.

Pain Avoidance

Use your speed, acceleration and manoeuvrability wisely.
Think ahead.
You have walked and probably driven.
You know the capabilities and limitations of others.
They do not know yours.

Pain Reduction

If a fellow traveller, the road builder or the manufacturer of your motorcycle fail to live up to your expectations you will experience pain.
The amount of pain is under your control.

Falling off happens in three stages.

Your Choice

You have the ability to avoid many situations that are the fault of others by allowing for and anticipating their shortcomings.
You can also, within limits, chose how much pain you experience if you fail to avoid one.


Again, welcome to the world of motorcycling. You have the power. Use it safely and enjoyably and ride safe.