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      This page looks at driving issues common to the whole of Wales, for example those pertaining to the Welsh Assembly. For local issues pertaining to a particular county, or to a particular police force area, please refer to the separate local pages as signposted on the right.
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Wales: 'Speed Camera Centre of UK'
A survey by Philips has found Wales to be the worst area of the UK for speed camera fines. This will come as no surprise to anyone who regular drives a significant distance in Wales and sees a speed camera van lurking on virtually every trip, whilst proper policemen are conspicuous by their absence.
“Wales is the speed camera centre of the UK. Mid and South Wales comes second only to London for raising money through fines. And North Wales raises more per resident than any other area.”
Stephen Mesquita, Philips

Welsh Speed Camera Facts
Evening Post — Cameras Cost Welsh Drivers £13m a Year   2006-04-26
Road Casualties in Wales 1968–2003

This graph shows casualties on the roads of Wales for each year between 1968 and 2003.
Fatalities (red) and serious injuries (dark orange) have been reducing since the early 1970s, despite a growing population and increase in the number of cars registered. Slight injuries (light orange) have increased over this same period. Total casualties (yellow) are decreasing, but went up in 2002 for the first time since 1994.
Figures are not merely dependent upon the number of accidents; improvements in vehicle safety, better roads, medical treatment, and emergency response times all have a significant influence on figures. These are particularly likely to have caused the transfer of volumes from 'serious' injuries to 'slight' injuries.
Source: 2002 Road Accidents Wales
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