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December 2007
Massive Speed Limit Reductions Planned
Buckinghamshire County Council are planning reductions to a massive number of rural speed limits across the county that can only be described as fanatical.
A public consultation is taking place until 7th January 2008.
The council says:
"For each speed limit review we have tried to take into account the views of all users through consultation with district and town councils, the public and representatives of all road users eg Freight Transport Association, the emergency services, cyclists, walkers and horseriders."
No prizes for spotting who is missing from this list.
March 2006
Highwaymen Discovered in Wendover
Anthropologists have been startled to discover that highwaymen, that scurge of travellers previously believed to have been eradicated in Britain centuries ago, are in fact alive and well in Wendover.
The photo on the right was snapped by a surprised member of the public who spotted one of these odious creatures in broad daylight during October 2005, lying in wait for his next innocent victim on a footbridge over the A413 Wendover bypass. He can be seen trying his best to hide behind a bridge abutment, trees, a fence and anything else he can find.
The photos below, taken from beneath the bridge, show that the road along which the highwayman's innocent victims are travelling is a straight rural road along which no-one would expect to find such dangers, or indeed, any dangers:
Road Safety?   Saving Lives?   No — just plain old-fashioned highway robbery.

Click for a larger image you can print to stick in your car
More signs

There's Money in Them There Hills
Thames Valley ‘Safer Roads’ Partnership are still refusing to disclose details of fines made and revenue raised by Talivans on the A404 at Marlow Hill, High Wycombe (just off M40 J4) Map. The reality is that this is a prime money-gathering site and they don't want the extent of their rip-off made public. The local press are having none of it, and are continuing the pressure to try to force the information to be made public. The continuing refusal of the partnership to disclose this information is causing more and more people to doubt their integrity.

Police Threaten Driver
Aylesbury Motorist Paul Newman has been threatened by Thames Valley Police for encouraging drivers to stick to the speed limit. Paul took to standing beside a road with a sign reminding drivers of the speed limit and warning of a speed trap ahead. Earlier this year, Paul was charged with doing 40 on the 30mph road, but argues that he was simply keeping up with the rest of the traffic. The road is a long straight dual carriageway. He views the actions of the police as excessive.
Aylesbury Parking Vendetta
Bucks County Council and Aylesbury Vale District Council have conspired to foist a vicious anti-car scheme on residents in 77 roads in Aylesbury who are now forced to pay £25 per year for the privilege of parking outside their own houses, and have to pay 50p everytime someone visits them by car! Councillor Rodney Royston, Bucks County Council Dictator for Transport, is the person who seems to be responsible. Needless to say he's not a councillor in Aylesbury — he wouldn't be so daft as to foist this on his own constituents and risk being voted into oblivion.
Letter sent to residents by Bucks CC in March 2003 (.pdf 192k)
New Parking Attendants Go 'On The Beat'
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Caught Red Herring
The county council's Caught Red Handed campaign involves council patrols placing red hands on the windows of cars which have been parked with valuables on show. Whilst the idea may be well intentioned, it's a pity that such time and effort can't be employed catching thieves in the first place, and adequately prosecuting them afterwards. Still that's too hard isn't it? Let's tell drivers it's their fault if someone breaks into their car. Presumably the next campaign will tell householders that if their TV or video can be seen through a window, it's their fault if a burglar breaks in and steals it.
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