Your details
Fuel Type
Annual Mileage
Miles per Gallon
Cost of Fuel p/l
Your Annual Income
Cost Breakdown per LitreHow much extra stealth tax you pay
VAT rate %
VAT per litre p
Cost without VAT p
Fuel Tax per litre p
True Fuel Cost p
Total Tax p
Including VAT on Fuel Tax p
% of Forecourt cost which is tax %
Total tax rate %
Total Tax Per Year
Total Tax Per Month
Total Tax Per Week
Equivalent Additional Income Tax %
Tax Rates (1 Jan 2011 to 31 July 2012): HMRC
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The above are just taxes on fuel — don't forget there are a plethora of other stealth taxes imposed upon drivers:

Even if you don't drive a car these taxes affect you because they increase costs for all businesses that have to be passed on to customers.
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