The ABD publishes a quarterly journal On The Road  which is distributed free to members.
The current edition is only available to members.

Here are some previous editions for you to peruse:

OTRs from the last decade or so, are no longer kept online. A list is shown below.
Should you require a copy of one, please email the editor e-mail the editor.

Between 2004 and March 2008, OTR (now in colour) was published every 2 months:

Some older editions of On The Road are still available online.

Issue 1 is available in HTML format only:
Issue 2 has unfortunately been lost (If any member has a copy, do left us know).

From Issue 3, OTR (in black and white with few photos) was published quarterly:

“… the best read since Alistar McLean finished HMS Ulysses”
Jeremy Clarkson, commenting on our newsletter

From Dec 1998, OTR (still in black & white with few photos) was published monthly:

Please bear in mind that these are archive copies, and have not been updated with any subsequent changes. You should check that any details shown in them are still current before acting thereon. (e.g. Addresses, Phone Numbers, Email, etc). In particular please note our document "How to object to speed limit reductions" is available on-line, not from the address given in some OTRs.


See also J J Leeming — Accidental Expert, a series of articles published in OTR during 2003 and 2004.
Members are encouraged to submit a letter or article for OTR, please e-mail the editor.