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Freedom is in Peril The ABD is the foremost campaigning group for drivers in the UK. If you are fed up of the way drivers are being delayed, restricted, taxed, bullied, threatened, and persecuted — join us.

We need your support to help us preserve and enhance the freedom to enjoy driving motor vehicles responsibly on the public highway; to get the extortionate rates of fuel tax reduced; to oppose all road tolls such as the London congestion charge, and the heinous plan to impose national road user charging; to stop the malicious obstruction of public highways with speed humps, 'traffic calming' and bus lanes; to get the motorway speed limit raised to a realistic level; to put an end to the introduction of unreasonably low speed limits where there is no justification for them; to stop the abuse of speed cameras for revenue raising; and to stop councils making parking more and more difficult and expensive.
The ABD campaigns for improved road safety through better education of all road users, road engineering improvements, and law enforcement by properly trained police traffic officers. We seek a significant improvement to, and proper maintenance of, Britain's road infrastructure.
The ABD is a member of The National Council of Voluntary Organisations, and the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety.
We encourage members to take an active part in our campaigning activities; our existing members are stretched to the limit fighting the government and local authorities on countless fronts from national road user charging, to speed humps down your road.
One person told us that it had never occurred to him to join us because, like the Fire Brigade, we don't seem to need him. Well, you have no idea how many fires those of a particular political leaning are trying to start. And we really do need all hands to the pumps.
Even if you prefer not to actively campaign or simply don't have the time, you will increase our membership, and thereby help to finance our campaigning efforts, and simply add weight to our arguments.

ABD Members receive by post, or online as a PDF download, our full-colour quarterly journal (On The Road) featuring the latest news on anti-car plans of the government, local authorities and anti-car activists; in depth articles on our campaigning activities and successes, and a member's letters page.
Our newsletter was once described by Jeremy Clarkson as “… the best read since Alistar McLean finished HMS Ulysses”.
We are making a difference, but we need your help to campaign against anti-car policies at every level from nationally, to down your street.
You are not the only driver feeling bullied by those with an irrational or fanatical anti-car mentality. So join us, exchange information and advice with fellow members, learn how to campaign effectively, and help us to help you put the brakes on anti-car policies.

You might think that as an individual there's not a lot you can do to compact the plethora of anti-car measures coming from the powers that be, and you'd be right. As a solitary little raindrop you're pretty powerless.

But get together with 33 million other raindrops and you become a powerful torrent that arrogant politicians ignore at their peril.

The ABD — for drivers who can THINK for themselves

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