Can you spare £1 or more to help us to help you retain your right to enjoying driving your car? Even if you don't wish to join us, you can still support us by making a donation to our fighting fund. All donations are used to fund our campaigning activities. We accept donations from as little as £1. Donations can be made using your credit or debit card, but using a debit card means all of your money comes to us, whereas credit card companies will take a small percentage.

What the government charge you
🛑  The tax taken from drivers massively exceeds what is spent on roads.
🛑  Millions of pounds of public money is spent on blatant anti-car propaganda.
🛑  Millions is spent obstructing public roads with bus lanes, cycle lanes, and 'traffic calming' measures.
🛑  Congestion on inadequate motorways and trunk roads costs everyone time and money.
🛑  A 'speeding' ticket will cost you £100 or more + 3 points on your licence.
🛑  The cost of a tank of fuel is about 70% tax.
🛑  The CO2 based VED con may cost you £100s extra per year.
🛑  Driving into central London costs you many £s per day, other cities want charges too.
🛑  Road tolls are imposed on bridges already paid for.
🛑  Council approved parking enforcers act like wheel clamp rogues.
🛑  London authorities rake in over £300 million per year in parking fees and fines.
🛑  Many residents are forced to pay for parking outside their own house.
🛑  How much would the loss of your driving licence cost you?

Help us to help you!     Don't let them drive you off the road!

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